Fast Adventure Progress f2p

1. Wishlist

Focus on 2Main DPS (Yhwa , hoaqin )

Focus on the 2 supports that are working togheter with the DPS , in this case (Bam , Khun Aguero)


2. Always buy the packs from shops  (xp and gold)


3. Ignition Weapons 

Only focus on 1full Set for each IW 

El set (Yhwa , Eduan , Khun Ran )

Bergamot set (Hoaqin, Zahard , C.Endorsi)

Raihanna set (Kiseia , Miseng , Shilial )

Myeon set (Karaka , Escanor)


4.Use THIS 

You don t need to have 1set for each individual unit in the game .. you just need 1set of each type and swap them after clearing a fight.. this feature improve your progress and save you so much time 


5. Do your dailies and weeklies 


6. Just play the game like 15min every day (push in weekends when all the gamemods are on like guardian trials and tower trials ) and you should progress just fine 


ID: 8002400463061

Name : Ryuusui

Server : 24



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