Google Play Games Discount Promotion Notice



Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


We brought the news about discounts available for in-app purchases in Google Play Games BETA on PC.


Regulars who are playing <Tower of God: New World> through the Google Play Games BETA, don't miss out on the discount!


Check below for more details.



Google Play Games Discount Promotion


✅ Credit Expiration Date

- 12/31/2023


✅ GPG Promotion Details

🔗 Get $7 Off Your First Purchase on PC

🔗 Get $5 Off Any In-app Purchase (Limit 1 per user)

* You can select your language at the bottom right of the promotion page.


✅ Notes

- In-app subscriptions are not included, and the promotion will be available to selected players based on their purchase history for certain games.

- For more details about Google Play Games Discount Promotion, reach out to [Google Play Customer Support].



In addition, we will inform you about GPG-exclusive products that will be available until 12/20.


To purchase the following products, you must access the game using Google Play Games.

● During the sales period, each product’s Purchase Limit resets every regular update.





Purchase Limit

GPG 10-Summon Pack

Suspendium x150
 Normal Summon Ticket x10


1 time

GPG 30-Summon Pack

Suspendium x1,650
Normal Summon Ticket x30


1 time

GPG 50-Summon Pack

Suspendium x2,750
 Normal Summon Ticket x50


1 time

GPG 100-Summon Pack

Suspendium x5,950
Normal Summon Ticket x100


1 time


Check the bottom part of [10/18 New Bundles] Notice for more details.

▶ [10/18 New Bundles]



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you.





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