High Ranker Arena Season Opening (Updated on 8/15)


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


The High Ranker Arena Season will begin! The top-ranked Regulars from each server’s Ranker Arena will be gathered in one place to compete for the top spot!


We can’t wait to see how strong the High Ranker Arena participants are!

For those who won’t participate this time, you can still cheer the participants on and enjoy the battles.


Check below for more details.



◆ High Ranker Arena Season Opening



✅ High Ranker Arena Season Schedule



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Season Opening

8/14 09:00

8/14 01:00

8/13 19:00

8/13 16:00


8/14 09:00:00


8/15 08:59:59

8/14 01:00:00


8/15 00:59:59

8/13 19:00:00


8/14 18:59:59

8/13 16:00:00


8/14 15:59:59

Main Competition

(Round of 64 - Finals)

8/15 09:00:00


8/21 08:59:59

8/15 01:00:00


8/21 00:59:59

8/14 19:00:00


8/20 18:59:59

8/14 16:00:00


8/20 15:59:59

End of Season

8/21 09:00

8/21 01:00

8/20 19:00

8/20 16:00


Match details from the Round of 64 until the Finals will be available for 7 days.

* Each round from the Round of 64 until the Finals lasts one day.



✅ High Ranker Arena Participants

- Regulars who ranked 1st - 20th place (each server).

-  Regulars who ranked in the Top 20 (each server). (Added on 8/14)
* The issue with the current in-game pop-up guide incorrectly stating 10 people will be fixed.
* For more details check the link below. 

▶Known Issue


- An invitation will be sent to those eligible to participate through the mailbox (Notices tab).


✅ High Ranker Arena Progression Servers and Rules (Added on 8/15)
- The High Ranker Arena will be divided into 16 servers at the start of the season with the top 20 players by Ranker Points.
  A total of 320 players will be required to qualify for a zone.
* The top 20 players by ranked points are selected from S1 through S16. 
Create Zone 1 when a total of 320 High-Ranked Arena participants are selected (Example.
* There are servers with less than 20 top selections based on ranker points from S17 to S32. 
Zone 2 will not be created if a total of 320 players are not selected.

- Servers that are not zoned due to insufficient High Ranker Arena participants will not have their own zone created. 
will not be able to advance to the High Ranker Arena and cheer until a zone containing their server is created.


✅ How to Participate in the High Ranker Arena


① Set Defense Formation

- To battle other Regulars in the High Ranker Arena, you must first set up your Defense Formation.

* Failing to set up your Defense Formation will lead to a “defeat” in the Qualifiers, and consequently, elimination.


Team No.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

No. of Teammates (per team)








Victory Points

(per match)

1 point

2 points

3 points

4 points

5 points

5 points

5 points

- A total of 7 teams can be set, summing up 25 Teammates (total).


② Qualifiers

- The 5 Regulars in the same group will compete against each other for the top position in the group in the Qualifiers.

- Once the Qualifiers are over, the Regular who ranks 1st in the group by earning the most Victory Points will advance to the Main Competition.

* If two Regulars achieve the same score, both team’s Combat Power will be compared, and the Regular with the lowest Combat Power will be considered the winner.


③ Main Competition (Round of 64 - Finals)

- Round of 64 to the Final matches will be held in a Tournament format.

- Regulars who obtain the most Victory Points by defeating their opponents will advance to the next round.

* You can change your Team for each round in the Main Competition.

* Please be mindful that the amount of points you can earn depend on the Team set up. Make sure to use your teams strategically to win!


◈ General Rules

- Battles take place automatically for both Qualifiers and the Main Competition, so it is not possible to use the controls.

- All participants have the same Shinsu Link Grade and Level applied.

* However, Teammate’s Growth, Equipment, and Buffs applied are based on the participant’s personal information.


④ Cheer

- Regulars that are not eligible to participate in the High Ranker Arena can cheer for the participants once the Round of 64 begins.

- Cheering requires a certain amount of Coins.

* If the participant you cheer for wins, you’ll earn twice the amount of coins used for cheering.

* On the other hand, if the participant you cheer for is defeated, the coins used for cheering will be lost.



✅ High Ranker Arena Rewards

- After the High Ranker Arena ends, the participants will receive rewards.


🎁 Advance Reward - based on how far you made it from the Qualifiers to the Finals.

🎁 Achievement Reward - based on the number of High Ranker Arena rounds cleared.


For more details on the High Ranker Arena, check out the related guide:

▶ High Ranker Arena Guide



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you.





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