Holiday Push Notification Event


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


The Holidays are coming to the Tower as well!

Are our Regulars enjoying their Holidays?


To spread even more joy to our Regular’s Holidays, we prepared a Push Notification Event to distribute rewards starting on 12/25!


Check below for more details. 😍



◆ Holiday Push Notification Event


✅ Event Period



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Event Period

2023/12/25 - 2024/1/2

Push Notification Time (Every Day)





Reward Claiming Period

Within 3 days of the Push Notification

* In the event the schedule changes, we will inform you beforehand through a notice.

* Push notifications are sent in waves, so the exact time may differ from Regular to Regular.


✅ Event Details

- Push rewards will be distributed at a fixed time during the event period.

- Access the game and check the [Mailbox > Notices] to claim the rewards!

* Items sent through the mailbox will be available through your bag after being claimed.


✅ Event Rewards



Day 1

Secret Tome Ticket x10

Day 2

Suspendium x1,000

Day 3

Secret Tome Ticket x10

Day 4

Suspendium x1,000

Day 5

Secret Tome Ticket x10

Day 6

Suspendium x1,000

Day 7

Normal Summon Ticket x10

Day 8

Secret Tome Ticket x10

Day 9

Secret Tome Ticket x30

* Secret Tome Tickets can be used in the Lucky Draw from ‘Gustang's Secret Tome’ Story.

(▶ Check the [12/20 New Bundles] notice for Secret Tome Ticket details)


✅ Notes

- In the event the schedule changes, we will inform you beforehand through a notice.

- In this Event, Regulars whose accounts were created prior to the first push notification will receive the rewards from all days.

- Check the push notification, access the game, and go to the [Mailbox > Notices] to claim very special rewards!

- After claiming the rewards through the mailbox, the items will be available on your [Bag].

- It is not possible to provide any further assistance in the event the reward was not claimed within the claim period previously specified.



See you at the Top!

We’ll keep working hard to provide a better game experience to our Regulars!


Thank you.





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