Kaiser Release Celebration Event Part 2


Greetings Regulars!

This is <Tower of God: New World> CM Xia Xia.πŸ’–





The Kaiser release celebration event part 2 has arrived! πŸŽ‰


Check below for more details πŸ˜‰



β—† Kaiser Release Celebration Event Part 2 β—†


βœ… Event Period



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Start Time

6/17 after posting this notice

End Time

6/18 23:59

6/18 15:59

6/18 09:59

6/18 06:59


βœ… Details

- Check out the quiz image below and select the answer!  


βœ… Quiz 


βœ… Reward



Regulars who answer the quiz correctly

Normal Summon Ticket x 10


βœ… Result Announcement Date

- After 6/19


βœ… How to Participate through the Game

- After accessing the game, select the profile in the top left corner, then move to the server you want to use. In the lobby, click on [Game Settings on the right > Settings at the bottom > Official Forums at the top] to log in. When logging in to the official forum, you will be able to participate in the poll with the character from that server.      

* This image was taken from the test build.


βœ… Notes

- The event schedule and rewards are subject to change depending on circumstances.

- Only entries made during the event period will be counted as valid participation.

- Participants taking part in the event through methods other than the provided guidance in this notice will not be eligible.

- Each account can participate in this event only once.

- Rewards will be granted to the character that you used to participate in the event within our forum.

- Event rewards can be collected via [Mailbox > Notices], and the rewards you received can be checked in [Bag].



The release of Kaiser is just around the corner!!!

While waiting for Kaiser to join, we hope that you enjoy participating in the event!






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