Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 2)


Hello, Regulars!
This is <Tower of God: New World> CM, Xia Xia! 🐰💖



I’m back with the Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 2). (⑅˃◡˂⑅)💖


Do you have any memorable victories in battle?


Po Bidau Blanc says that winning is a piece of cake!?!?!,

How do our Regulars react after winning?


I’m wondering what I would do...

Shall we check the Quiz Event (Day 2)?


Don’t miss the secret spoiler I gave our Regulars!! (whispers)

▶ [12/14 Update New Teammate ‘Po Bidau Blanc’ Preview]



💙 Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 2) 💙


Guess what Po Bidau Blanc says after winning!



🐰 Event Period 🐰

2023/12/09 (Sat) After this Notice - Participation Open for 24h


🐰 Event Details 🐰

We prepared a Quiz about the new Teammate, Po Bidau Blanc!

All Regulars who choose the correct answer will receive rewards! We look forward to your participation.

* HINT: Listen to Po Bidau Blanc’s voiceover to check the answer!



🐰 Reward 🐰



All Regulars who choose the correct answer

Suspendium x1,000


🐰 Results Announcement 🐰

12/10 (Sun)


🐰 Notes 🐰
- Rewards will be sent to the [Mailbox > Notices], and once claimed, you can check the items through your [Bag].

- Event schedule and rewards are subject to change.

- Only those who participated during the event period will have their participation validated.

- This event allows 1 poll participation per account.

- Event rewards will be sent to the server connected to the Forum when participating in the poll.

- Using a participation method or format other than the one specified above will exclude you from the event.

- If you encounter stability issues when trying to log in to Google through the webview after accessing the game, please go to [Lobby > Right Side Menu > Settings] and select the [Settings > Official Forum] button to log in.



We look forward to your participation!

I will be back tomorrow with “Po Bidau Blanc Quiz Event (Day 3)”! =33


See you tomorrow 🐰💛





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