Pre-Launch Forum Opening


Greetings, Regulars!
This is the Tower of God: New World team.


We’d like to welcome our Regulars to the <Tower of God: New World> Official Forum.


In order to provide our Regulars the latest news and information about <Tower of God: New World> we have pre-opened our forum. 


We aim to deliver exciting events and engaging content, to help our Regulars while climbing the Tower.



◆ Pre-Launch Forum Guide


✅ Pre-Launch Forum Schedule
- After 7/21 (Fri) 9:30 (UTC+8) after the opening of the forum ~ Until server opens for early access

* The game will be able to download Google Play Store / Philippines


✅ Pre-Launch Forum Details
- During the pre-launch forum period, forum login will not be available as game service has not yet been provided. 
- Logging in and adding comments to the forum will be available after the server opens for early access.
- Detailed information regarding Tower of God: New World service will  be provided through the official forum.
- After you make an account on the game server when it has opened for early access, you will be able to log into the forum automatically.


◆ Pre-Launch Forum Guide ◆

Board Name Description
🔗 Discord  Tower of God: New World Official Discord Channel
Notices  Check for the latest announcements, and other various information here.
Updates  Check for the latest update announcements.
Known Issues  Check for the details on on-going issues
Dev. Notes  Check for details on Tower of God: New World shared by developers.
CM Notes  Check for news on Tower of God: New World shared by CM’s.
4 Cut Comics  Check out the official 4 cut comics of Tower of God: New World.
Events  Check for the details on on-going events.
Past Events  Check for the details on past events.
Event Winners  Check for the result of winners of past events.
Official Videos  Check to see the Official Videos of Tower of God: New World.
Game Guide   Check to see the official game guide.
Board  A space where Regulars can freely share various information.
Fan Art  Show off your artistic skills Regulars!
Friends & Alliance Recruitment  Find friends or recruit members who will make your alliance stronger!
Tips & Strategy  Check to see & share game-related guides and tips among each other Regulars.
FAQ & Customer Support  Check to see FAQs related to the game and submit a 1:1 inquiry if you need further assistance.
Bug Reports  Report any bugs you encounter while playing the game.
Suggestions  Share your opinions with us to help develop Tower of God: New World
Official Links  Tower of God: New World’s official social media channels

* The categories on the Official Forum are subject to change depending on the progress.



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