Surprise 24th Day Shop Products


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


The Surprise 24th Day Shop will open on June 24th! 🥳


Check below for more details



◆ Surprise 24th Day Shop Products ◆

* No additional maintenance will be conducted prior to the new products going live on 6/24.


●  Surprise 24th Day Shop


✅ Sales Period



Southeast Asia






Time Zone





Starting Time

6/24 09:00

6/24 01:00

6/23 19:00

6/23 16:00

Ending Time

7/1 08:59:59

7/1 00:59:59

6/30 18:59:59

6/30 15:59:59


✅ Product Info

- The following products are available for purchase through the [Shop > Special > Bundle] tab in the game.





Purchase Limit

24 Ultimate Perk

Loot EXP Amplification (2H) x 24

Loot Coin Amplification (2H) x 24

Suspendium x 500


24 Summon Pack

Suspendium x 300

Normal Summon Ticket x 24





24 Black Market Pack

*Available after clearing Stage 15-20

Suspendium 1,250

Black Market Ticket x 24


3 times

24 Ignition Weapon Pack I

*Available after clearing Stage 15-20

Suspendium x 2,750

Master Key x 24

Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstone x 24


2 times

24 Rapport Pack

Suspendium X 150

Gift Selection Chest x 24


3 times

24 Exclu. Equip Enhance Pk 1

Suspendium X 4,400

Enhancement Extract Selection ChestⅠx 24


2 times

24 Exclu. Equip Enhance Pk 2

Suspendium X 5,950

Premium Enhancement Extract Selection Ⅱ Pack x 24


1 time

24  Revolution Pack

*Available after clearing Stage 16-20

Suspendium x 1,650

Revolution Fragment x 240

Shining Revolution

Fragment x  24,000


2 times


✅ Notes

- All Packs, Products, and Bundles may be available for sale again in the future.

- The product sales period may change. Any changes to the sales period will be notified via announcement.

- Products for sale can be purchased a limited number of times during the sales period.

- It is not possible to cancel or refund a product with effects that apply immediately upon purchase.

- It is not possible to cancel or refund purchased products that have already been consumed.



That’s it from the <Tower of God: New World> team.

We’ll continue to do our best to provide our Regulars with an epic and adventurous gaming experience.


Thank you.







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