<Tower of God: New World> Event Illustration Revealed


Greetings, Regulars This is the Tower of God: New World team.


The imaginary Tower of God scene selected by Regulars who enjoy Tower of God.


The <Tower of God: New World> Will draw your requests that many Regulars voted for!
The illustration that won first place is where Bam pushes Rachel!


Check out the illustrations including the handwritten comments by SIU himself!




◆ Tower of God: New World Will Draw Your Requests Event Illustration Revealed



Bam who always suffers pushing Rachel!
Even though it is an illustration isn’t it so satisfying to see Bam succeeding in revenge?
Bam’s angry expression & Rachel’s surprised expressions particularly stands out.

How does the 1st place illustration that Regulars voted for look?
Share your thoughts with fellow Regulars!

For our Regulars to be able to save the illustration of Bam succeeding in revenge, we have made it into both PC & mobile images!

[PC Ver.]

[Mobile Ver.]

✅ How to download
- PC Ver.: Right-click on the image and ‘save image as’ to download
- Mobile Ver.: Touch and hold an image to download it by tapping the ‘Download Image’ tab



See you at the Top! We’ll be working hard to bring even more exciting events for our Regulars!


Thank you.



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