<Tower of God: New World> Half-Year Anniversary Celebration Official Live Coupons & SIU’s Message


Hello, Regulars!
This is <Tower of God: New World> CM, Xia Xia! 🐰💖


Listen, listen! Xia Xia has a very good reason to come here like this!!!!

A new coupon code was released in today’s <Tower of God: New World> Official Live!


I came today to share the Official Live coupons over here as well~!




💛The webtoon author, SIU💛 drew a warm congratulations image to celebrate the Half-year Anniversary!!! ❤*.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*❤


Now! Let’s check the Coupon Codes and SIU’s message right away!👀💗



🐰 <Tower of God: New World> Official Live Rewards 🐰


✅ Coupons Rewards


Coupon Code

Coupon Code Expiration Date

Normal Summon Ticket x50


2024/01/31 23:59:59 (UTC+9)

SSR+ Soulstone x60



✅ How to Use Coupons

✅ How to Use Coupons (Android)

①  Tap the [Profile] icon in the top-left corner of the Main Lobby.

② Tap the [⚙️Settings] button at the bottom of the Profile screen, and select the [Coupon Code] option.

③ Select the Event Coupon, and enter the coupon code.

④ The coupon reward will be sent to the mailbox.


🎫 How to Use Coupons (iOS)

 - iOS users can use coupons through the page linked below.
  [🔗 Coupon Page for Regulars Using iOS]
① Enter your account ID and the coupon code to receive the reward.

* The rewards will be sent to the first account/server you log in with after using the coupon! Make sure you log in with the correct server!

② The coupon reward will be sent to the mailbox.

- These Coupon Codes can be used until 2024/01/31 23:59:59 (UTC+9), and will not be available after this time.

- The coupon reward can be obtained once per account.

- After using a coupon code, the reward will be sent to your mailbox and once claimed, will be available to use through your Bag.



🐰 <Tower of God: New World> SIU’s Congratulations Message Reveal 🐰


Wow~~~!!!! >_<

Regulars! Are you ready to see the congratulations message Tower of God’s author, SIU, sent us?! 👀✨


Let’s go~!!!!



* SIU’s congratulations message: “Congratulations on the Half-Year Anniversary, Tower of God: New World!!”



Regulars, thank you so so much for being with <Tower of God: New World>!

Xia Xia is also sending all love and support to everyone! |ૂ•ᴗ•⸝⸝)”💗🎁


See you in the next content!🐰💖





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