<Tower of God: New World> How to Use Web Shop Coupons


Greetings, Regulars!

This is the Tower of God: New World team.


The <Tower of God: New World> Official Web Shop launched on 3/27.

The Coupon System🎫 has been implemented to the Web Shop as of the 4/25 Update.


Please check below for more details on how to use coupons within the Web Shop!


* The example screenshots were captured in a test environment, and there may be some differences in actual content within the Web Shop.


● How to Use Web Shop Coupons


✅ How to Check Coupons

- Access the <Tower of God: New World> Web Shop and click the [Coupon] icon on the upper right corner to check the coupons you currently have.

- The coupons will be displayed and can be used during the payment process.

* Only one discount coupon can be used per transaction.

* Discount coupons can be used upon purchasing a product, and used discount coupons cannot be restored.

* Discount coupons can be used in combination with points. When using both, please make sure to apply the discount coupon first before using points. 


Please refer to the notice linked below for more details regarding the Web Shop.

(▶ Go to the <Tower of God: New World> Official Launch of the Web Shop Notice)


✅ Issuance/Usage


1. Discount coupons may have different eligibility requirements depending on the event, and the same coupon cannot be issued more than the specified amount.

* Discount coupons are issued and can be used on an account basis, and cannot be transferred, traded, or exchanged for cash with other accounts.


2. Discount coupons can only be used when making payments in the Web Shop, and one issued coupon can only be applied to one transaction.

* The same requirements apply to all payment methods available in the Web Shop.

* The required minimum purchase amount for each coupon may vary, so please make sure to check before use.


3. When paying with both Web Points and cash, please check the Web Shop for details as the minimum cash usage amount varies by currency.


4. You can view and select your available discount coupons upon attempting to make a transaction in the Web Shop.


5. Issued discount coupons can be used before their expiration date when the payment is successfully completed in the Web Shop. If the coupon expires while the payment is in process, the discount may not be applied, so please make sure to check the coupon’s validity before making a purchase.



In order to celebrate the addition of coupons to the Web Shop, we are hosting an event through which you can receive a discount coupon.


Please check the notice linked below for more details.

(▶ Go to Web Shop Coupons Addition Celebration! Discount Coupon Distribution Information) 


We appreciate your continued interest in the Web Shop.


Thank you.




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