<TOWER OF GOD: NEW WORLD> Pre-registration & Share Event Notice



Hello, Regulars!
This is the Netmarble's Tower of God: New World team.


The pre-registration that many people have been waiting for is here! 👏🏻👏🏻
Pre-Register now to see the updates on the game👀!!



✔Pre-Registration Schedule📅
- May 31th (Wed) before the official launch - after opening of the brand site
✔ How to Pre-Register ✍
① Go to the brand site!
② Click the [Go to store pre-registration] button!!
③ Go to the ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘App Store’ and pre-register!!
✔ Receiving Rewards 🎁
Pre-registration rewards will be sent once you log in to the game after the launch.
※ We will inform you in detail regarding pre-registration rewards through a later notice.


Additionally, there will be an event for sharing pre-registration screenshots.

You can check the details through <Tower of God: New World> Official Discord.


See you all soon in the Tower! 👋👋
Thank you.


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