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Here’s some information regarding the issuance of a special discount coupon for the Web Shop.


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Web Shop Special Discount Coupon Distribution


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✅ Details

- Additional Web Shop special discount coupons will be distributed based on paid Suspendium acquired from 5/25 00:00 - 6/24 23:59 (UTC+9).

* The acquired paid Suspendium will be calculated based on the total amount spent across purchases made from both the Web Shop and the in-game shop. Free Suspendium will not be counted.

* Paid Suspendium can be obtained through methods such as in-game purchases, while free Suspendium can be obtained through gameplay and event rewards.


✅ Coupon Information


Coupon Name


Usage Period

20% Web Shop Discount Coupon

Regulars who obtained less than 27,500 paid Suspendium

Can be used for 5 days from the date of issuance

30% Web Shop Discount Coupon

Regulars who obtained a minimum of 27,500 but less than 55,000 paid Suspendium

50% Web Shop Discount Coupon

Regulars who obtained 55,000 or more paid Suspendium


Coupon Distribution Information

▶ How to Use Web Shop Coupons

* Details regarding the distribution schedule will be provided through this notice.

✅ Notes

- Products can be purchased after logging into your game-linked account in the Web Shop.

- The product prices can be viewed after logging in, and they are displayed in the currency of the country where the game was initially registered.

* In some countries, online shopping may be restricted.

- Please note that the product images displayed in the Web Shop may differ from those in-game, and for more details, please click the product and tap [Details] in the Web Shop.

- Please be advised that Web Shop access may be restricted during maintenance and in certain situations.

- When purchasing items from the Web Shop, the purchased items will be delivered to your selected character's [Mailbox].

- The products containing Paid Suspendium that were purchased from the Web Shop and in-game must be opened in the Mailbox to be recognized as obtained Paid Suspendium. 

- When purchasing items, the available products and purchase eligibility may change depending on the selected character and the purchase conditions of the items.

- For Hot Deal products, the sales period is not displayed when viewed in the Web Shop. Once the sales period ends, a pop-up message stating, "This item is either not available for purchase yet, or its sales period has already ended." will appear, indicating that the purchase is no longer available.

- Before making a payment for the purchase, we recommend double-checking the character you wish to receive the purchased items.

- 10% of the cash amount paid for the purchase will be accumulated as Tower of God Web Points, starting 14 days after the purchase date.

- Tower of God Web Points expire 30 days after accumulation.

- The accumulation rate, limit, usage, and expiration criteria of Tower of God Web Points are subject to change depending on the service situation.

- For more information about the Web Shop, please refer to the following announcement. (▶<Tower of God: New World> Official Launch of the Web Shop)

- The discount coupons may be distributed through various channels and methods in the future.

* The <Tower of God: New World> Web Shop operates in accordance with the Netmarble Mobile Service Terms of Use.



We look forward to your continued interest and support for the Web Shop.


Thank you.

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