Wuthering Waves


A botanist from New Federation who dwells in Huanglong, capable of hearing the sounds of plants. The Starflowers that bloom on the vines are like her courage shining like stars.



Normal Attack
Performs at most 5 attacks with tendrils and deals Spectra DMG. The 5th attack gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy for Jueyuan.

Heavy Attack
Consumes stamina to dash ahead and deal Spectra DMG.

Midair Attack
Performs multiple attacks in midair and deals Spectra DMG.

Plunge Attack
Consumes certain amount of stamina to strike down and deal Spectra DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Spectra DMG.

Multiplication Test

Converges energy ahead to accelerate the growth of plants, deals AoE Spectra DMG and gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.

Plant Growth

Accelerates the growth of nearby plants, deals Spectra DMG. Recovers HP for all Resonators in party. Inflicts Photosynthesis Sigel upon hitting enemies.
Jueyuan will perform coordinated attack upon enemies with Photosynthesis Sigel hit by current active Resonator and deal Spectra DMG. Recover HP for current active Resonators.

Law of Verina

Increase healing effect for targets with HP below 50% by 20%

Variation Botany

Casting Sprouting increases Spectra DMG by 15% for 8s.


Slides to attack enemies and deal Spectra DMG. Gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.

Starry Blossom

Starry Blossom
While having Photosynthesis Energy, using heavy attack will consume 1 Photosynthesis Energy to increase damage and recover HP for party.

Gaining Photosynthesis Energy
Hitting enemies with the 5th normal attack gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.
Hitting enemies with Multiplication Test gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.
Hitting enemies with Sprouting gets 1 Photosynthesis Energy.

Skillful Cooking

Cooking Exploration Assisting foods has 20% chance to get double foods.