Wuthering Waves


The Acting Chief Officer of the Ministry of Development. Inherited the Might of Xuanwu. Under the relaxed and sluggish appearance, lies her duties of safeguarding the whole of Tiancheng.


Dull Blade

Normal Attack
Wields the Claymore to perform at most 4 continuous attacks.

Heavy Attack
Consumes stamina to initiate Xuanwu's Defense.

Posterior Strategy
In this state, Taoqi focuses more on defense. Continuously consumes stamina and reduces DMG.
During Xuanwu's Defense, Taoqi will trigger Posterior Strategy once got hit and perform counter-attack.
Once consumes all stamina, Xuanwu's Defense ends and Taoqi launches 1 attack immediately. Deals Havoc DMG.

Plunge Attack
Consumes stamina to launch plunge attack and deal Havoc DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Havoc DMG.


Impenetrable deals Havoc DMG upon enemies nearby and generates 3 Xuanwu's Paciarmor.

Xuanwu's Paciarmor
While being attacked, costs 1 Xuanwu's Paciarmor to reduce DMG Taken for once.

Xuanwu's Bless

Uses Forte Amplifier to activate Xuanwu's Bless and forms special domain. Launches 1 strike base on Taoqi's DEF and deals Havoc DMG.

Firm Rock

While Xuanwu's Paciarmor is on the field, increases Resonators' DEF.


Triggering Posterior Strategy allows 100 stamina recovery.

Offensive Defense

Attacks enemies and deals Havoc DMG, and gets 2 [Resilience].

Energy Conversion

Tortoise Lifespan
Triggering Posterior Strategy allows Taoqi to launch follow-up attacks by consuming [Resilience].
Consuming each [Resilience] performs 1 follow-up attack, 3 follow-up attacks can be performed in total.
Hitting targets with follow-up attacks recovers HP for all Resonators in party.

Gaining [Resilience]
Using Impenetrable gets 1 [Resilience].
Using Offensive Defense gets 2 [Resilience].

Precision Purification

Has 10% chance to return all ingredients in Purification for weapon upgrading materials.