🔔Pure White Blessing Refithea ‘Like’ Event🔔

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

The author ミシュネ / misyune(@misyune12) sent us an illustration to celebrate Marry Me! events!

We have prepared an event to repay the interest of our users.
Please check below for more details about the event!🎁

[Pure White Blessing Refithea 'Like' Event]
■ Event period: April 30th - until May 5th 2:59 pm (UTC)
■ Details: During the event period, please like (♥) the [Pure White Blessing Refithea Illustration] post on Brown Dust 2 Official Facebook or X
At the end of the event period, rewards will be given based on the number of likes (♥) on the post.
■ Go to Post: https://twitter.com/BROWNDUST2_EN/status/1785221019558633610


■ Rewards
- 2 Draw Tickets when the post reaches 2,000 likes or more.
- 1 More Draw Ticket when the post reaches 3,000 likes or more.

※ The number of likes is the sum of the number of likes in all regions.

■ Results Announcement: May 7th, 2024 (UTC)

We ask for your participation and interest in the event!!

Thank you.


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