Character Guide — Diana

Diana is a Magic Wind support who buffs her teammates through her powerful aura effects. She is the single most important unit in the PvE meta, so there is no question whether she is worth investing in.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Diana is a Magic Wind support who buffs her teammates through her powerful aura effects. She is the single most important unit in the PvE meta, so there is no question whether she is worth investing in.

Property DMG Auras
In the context of Diana, Property DMG is also referred to as Elemental DMG. This is a modifier that multiplies a unit's damage when they have elemental advantage over the enemy. This modifier is multiplicative over all other buffs.

Every unit has a base 50% Elemental DMG, and they can get up to 30% more from their potentials.
Auras are persistent effects that are applied on the floor, affecting any unit as long as they are standing on those tiles. Auras follow the target of the skill that created it.

Buffs gained from auras cannot be dispelled, unless the source of the aura is dispelled.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Diana is the most important buffer in the game, increasing the bonus damage dealt by allies under elemental advantage.
[PvP] Diana can give her teammates a potent energy guard that is difficult to dispel.

You have to play around Diana's auras to benefit from her buffs.


Diana currently has 2 costumes, both of which apply auras that buff her allies. Adventurer of the Unknown grants her teammates Crit Rate and Elemental DMG, while Anti-Dystopia grants her teammates an Energy Guard.

Adventurer of the Unknown


Elemental Reverse
SP ◆ 3 — CD ● 9 Turns
Cast an Aura around yourself for 8 turns. The aura effect increases Elemental DMG by 100% in the applied range, and increases Crit Rate by 20%

Skill Potential 1
Elemental DMG +20%

Skill Potential 2
CD -2 Turns

Skill Potential 3
Range Upgrade

Elemental DMGElemental DMGSP CostCrit Rate BuffElemental DMG
100% ▸ 140%140% ▸ 170%3 ▸ 220% ▸ 30%170% ▸ 200%
Costume Designs

Adventurer of the Unknown is recruitable in the pub of Story Pack 10 — Homunculus. This costume is a priority recruit.

This buff is incredibly good, since it nearly doubles your damage output against enemies you have elemental advantage against. The game already wants you to use the correct elements for content, and Diana just rewards you further for doing so.

Keep in mind that her buff is additive to other sources of Elemental DMG in the game, which may include the base 50% that every unit has, the 30% that units may get from their bond potentials, and the 50% given by the seasonal world buffs.

This costume's skill potential 2 is the most important one, giving Diana 100% uptime on her buff for Fiend Hunt. Skill potential 3 is nice QoL, allowing her to position in the front or back and still buff a unit on the other side. Skill potential 1 is nice if your Diana isn't highly enhanced, but for those with +5, the effective increase in DMG this potential gives is only about 5%.

Key Upgrades: Skill potential 2, must upgrade to +2 or +3 at least, others are nice to have.



I-I'll Help!
SP ◆ 2 — CD ● 5 Turns
Cast an Aura around yourself for 2 turns. The Aura Effect provides an Energy Guard to the applied area equal to 500% of Magic ATK. Targets within the aura recovers Energy Guard to the amount initially granted each turn.

Skill Potential 1
Energy Guard +50%

Skill Potential 2
Energy Guard +50%

Skill Potential 3
Range Upgrade

SP CostEnergy GuardEnergy GuardCooldownEnergy Guard
2 ▸ 1500% ▸ 650%650% ▸ 800%5 ▸ 3800% ▸ 1000%
Costume Designs

This costume is nice to have since you tend to play Diana in most PvE content anyway. It allows you to survive really big hits in Fiend Hunt, while also providing extra mitigation against DoT effects, since her energy guard recovers at the end of the turn. However, since there isn't much content that requires this much teamwide survivability (besides high-level Fiend Hunt), this costume is a luxury for non-rankers in PvE.

This costume however does see use in PvP, since the energy guard she gives to her allies cannot be dispelled unless she herself is dispelled. If you put her out of range of dispellers, she can give your team a lot of survivability. An example of this is to pair her with Glacia, who now gets a ton of HP on top of her 90/90 build.

Key Upgrades: Design +1 and +4, others are nice to have.

Building Diana

Diana is not a priority to build unless you want to maximize Anti-Dystopia's energy guard (in PvP for example).

White Pixie
Exclusive Stat — 54 HP%
This head piece is good for Diana's survivability, but it is by no means necessary. It also forces her to build MRES, which is not ideal.

Bond Potential

Adventurer of the Unknown

Since Adventurer of the Unknown doesn't rely on Diana's stats for its buffs, you can just use the bonds from Anti-Dystopia to maximize her energy guard.

In PvP however, you may want to use Diana to tank Eclipse, in which case you can use Adventurer of the Unknown bonds.

Optimal Build [Energy Guard]


Substats — 15 MATK%

Diana can create up to 23,000 HP worth of energy guard with this build unbuffed, or up to 20,000 if she's not using Anti-Dystopia as her bonds.

Build either full DEF gear or full MRES gear depending on the enemies you're facing. You can settle with some flat MATK substats. Keep in mind that DEF gear cannot roll MATK subs.