Fiend Hunt Guide — Talos

The first half of the collab is upon us, and with it, a formidable fiend! This fiend deals tons of fixed damage, while also being invulnerable to weaken debuffs. Healing will be necessary for this hunt.

Character Guide — Roxy

Roxy is a Limited unit in collaboration with Mushoku Tensei. She is a Magic Water DPS who nukes the field with her thundercloud, while also stalling her enemies with a silence effect.

Reroll Guide [2024]

This is currently the up to date reroll guide for Brown Dust 2. If this guide ever becomes outdated, a link to the updated guide will be provided!

Character Guide — Zenith

Zenith is a Physical Wind support who offers very potent single target amplification and concentrated fire. This ability lets her carve a niche in PvE content and allows her to dominate in PvP.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Gridlin (Light)

The Gridlin is back in action, seeking out the spotlight! He… kinda looks like a knock off Pikachu? Key Points Skill Rundown S1 — Death☆Punch The Gridlin deals damage and applies a DoT that lasts for the rest of the…

Character Guide — Celia

Celia is a Magic Dark Support who specializes in applying chains and reducing enemy power. These utilities make her a mainstay in our endgame PvE mode Fiend Hunt.

Character Guide — Helena

Helena is a Magic Light Support that offers both defensive and offensive (magic) buffs. Her buffs having full uptime while also being teamwide and cheap makes her a very strong buffer for magic teams.

Character Guide — Lecliss

Lecliss is a Physical Wind tank with a taunt and counter, punishing those who hit her. She can become both unreasonably tanky, and strike ridiculously hard in both PvP and PvE.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Blue Beard

The Blue Beard has arrived... and it seems to be looking for a marriage partner? In order to break free from these vows, we'll need to strike at its head and hunt it down.

Character Guide — Dalvi

Dalvi is a Magic Wind DPS who transforms her own skill, allowing her to continuously cast across turns. This makes her an easy-to-invest-in DPS, as she is not as reliant as others about having multiple costumes.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Fiery YuKwang (Water)

"Fiery" YuKwang is back in a blue form that's supposed to be water, granting buffs to the units hit with its attacks. It also has 90 DEF and MRES, mitigating most of the damage you deal outside of key turns. You'll have to prepare for these key turns if you want to clear this Hunt.

Character Guide — Scheherazade

Scheherazade, or Schera, is a Magic Water DPS who specializes in her dispels that render all buffs null. She has dispel on ALL her costumes, making her an answer to most buff mechanics in Mirror Wars.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Darkness Devourer (Fire)

The Darkness Devourer is back... but it's full of flames? I guess fire devours darkness. Anyway, this fiend is a magic damaging enemy with a fixed DMG attack and a kill attack on its conditional. You will need to weather both in order to maximize your damage, so prepare accordingly!

Character Guide — Diana

Diana is a Magic Wind support who buffs her teammates through her powerful aura effects. She is the single most important unit in the PvE meta, so there is no question whether she is worth investing in.

Character Guide — Granhildr

Granhildr is a Physical Light Tank that controls the battlefield with her preemptive skills. Her taunt combined with both the survivability of her energy guards and the danger of her counters make her a nightmare to deal with in PvP.

Character Guide — Glacia

Glacia is a Magic Water tank with a revive skill unique to her! On top of that, she is currently the only tank who can realistically build both 90 DEF and 90 MRES, making her a brick wall in PvP.

Character Guide — Teresse

Teresse is a Physical Water support who offers both an offensive buff and a knockback skill. This combination of skills is admittedly strange, but having an offensive buff like hers makes her worth the investment.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Cherry Blossom Evil Spirit

Love is in the air, and so is the spirit of the Hunt! This Fiend is a formidable foe that shreds the magic resist of your entire team, before unleashing its magic attacks. Taunting the Fiend and sacrificing our units is key to getting its guard down.

Character Guide — Eclipse

Eclipse is a Magic Dark DPS who specializes in draining the SP of her enemies, while also dealing a decent amount of damage. Her impact in the PvP meta has been massive since Nightmare Bunny released, so if you have that costume, she'll definitely work wonders for you.

Character Guide — Anastasia

Anastasia is a Physical Fire DPS with some of the highest damage ceilings in the game. Her raw DMG makes her one of the best units in Last Night. Unfortunately, however, her smaller AoEs and lack of utility make her a middling unit in other content.

Character Guide — Elise

Elise is a Physical Fire DPS with the unique utility of having both DEF shred and MRES shred. She also has the niche of being an SP neutral DPS. Her excellent utility is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Character Guide — Sylvia

Sylvia is a Physical Water DPS who doubles as a tank with her damage mitigation abilities. She is capable of punishing attacking foes with her vicious counters. All her costumes combined makes her a formidable character on the battlefield.

Character Guide — Rubia

Rubia is a Physical Fire DPS that with all sorts of damaging skills. She does not need dupes to function, with most of her combat power being locked behind potentials. She struggles however to find content to shine in with the plethora of Fire DPS units in the game.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Parakyr Rex (Wind)

The first Fiend rerun has been revealed, and it is the Parakyr Rex, in an all-new wind coating! Just like its previous version, this fiend deals physical damage to your units, with a single fixed damage skill. Its damage isn't too threatening, but you will want to be careful not to get struck by its conditional kill effect. This Fiend will be available to hunt on March 7, so get your torches ready!

Character Guide — Justia

Justia is a Physical Light DPS that primarily deals Fixed damage to her enemies, which bypasses most types of mitigation. This makes her the ideal DPS in the PvP mode—Mirror Wars. If you're looking to compete in this mode, you better watch out for Justia.

Character Guide — Angelica

Angelica is a Magic Light DPS that primarily deals damage based on enemy max HP. She also functions as a bruiser, giving herself damage reduction buffs to help mitigate the damage that she takes. If you're looking for a Light DPS for PvE content, she offers some of the easiest ways to deal tons of damage.

Character Guide — Liatris

Liatris is a Physical Fire DPS that specializes in DoT related skills. On top of being able to deal tons of damage, she is able to do so in large AoE's, while stacking lots of chains in the process. There is no doubt that if you're looking for a Physical Fire DPS to invest in, she is currently the best option.

Fiend Hunt Guide — Procyon 001

As the official season for Fiend Hunt starts, another mechanical fiend has entered the fray: the first wind fiend Procyon 001. This Fiend deals physical damage, with a pure damage attack that threatens the unprepared. Can the MAIDs stop it?…

Primer to Fiend Hunt

Primer to Fiend Hunt

You’ve completed all the story and character packs, conquered the Tower of Pride, and found yourself in a comfortable spot in Mirror Wars. What’s the next challenge? Prepare yourself for this game’s endgame PvE mode — Fiend Hunt. Fiend Hunt…

Fiend Hunt Guide - Gridlin

Fiend Hunt Guide – Gridlin

Yuri, Granhildr, Ventana. All of the banners leading up to this upcoming Fiend Hunt are light units, and they’re about to shine a searing light against this fiend. The Gridlin applies heavy magic DoTs, while also debuting a new damage…

Last Night Team Building Guide

Last Night is a mode that puts your account progression to the test. Deal as much damage as you can to the Seeker of the End in a single turn, and receive Ancient Crystal everyday based on your highest score…

Fiend Hunt Guide - E.O.N.

Fiend Hunt Guide – E.O.N.

The first fiend of the new year is a light type robot, End of Nightmare, or E.O.N. for short. It deals magic damage, and shreds your magic resist by a LOT. It also applies a unique debuff onto itself— it…

Gear Guide - Endgame Builds

Gear Guide – Endgame Builds

This is part 3 of a series of guides that aim to tell you everything you need to know about gearing, from the basic mechanics, to progression and endgame builds. Check out Part 1 of this series if you need…