Fiend Hunt Guide — Talos

The first half of the collab is upon us, and with it, a formidable fiend! This fiend deals tons of fixed damage, while also being invulnerable to weaken debuffs. Healing will be necessary for this hunt.

The first half of the collab is upon us, and with it, a formidable fiend! This fiend deals tons of fixed damage, while also being invulnerable to weaken debuffs. Healing will be necessary for this hunt.

Note! There is a mistake in the weak point values in the description (see image above).

Key Points

  • Level 10 DMG Threshold — 129,000,000
  • Fiend Stats — 0 DEF & MRES, 100% Fire DMG, 50% Wind RES
    • Take care of Diana!
  • Optimal Skill Sequence: C1 → S1 → C2 → S2 → S3 → S4
  • Have your DPS tank C1, and your chainers (and multi-hit DPS) tank S1.
    • If you're using Sylvia, have her tank C2 as well.
  • Bring HP Gear, and healers.

Note: The damage values above assume that C1 triggers after your first turn, giving the fiend a 100% ATK buff.

Skill Rundown


Tiles Hit (Left)

Trigger: Apply 14 chains on any area.

On the first round, trigger C1 immediately in order to maximize damage. Do keep in mind however that the fiend doubles its ATK hereafter (which cannot be dispelled nor reduced!), so only do this if you can survive the damage throughout the battle.

Have your DPS units tank this hit (they may need an energy guard to survive this).

Misos Pygm ē

Tiles Hit (Left)

Have your chainers tank this hit, as well as your DPS if they have a multi-hit skill for the nuke turn.

Do note that the vulnerability debuff applied to your allies do not apply to Fixed DMG. Thus, if you trigger C2 after S1, you won't have to worry about this debuff at all.


Trigger: Apply 7 chains anywhere.

Trigger this conditional skill after S1, to line up the chain buff with the self-vulnerability debuff.

Nuke the fiend on your following turn!

Phobos Pygm ē

Tiles Hit (Left)


Tiles Hit (Left)


A team wipe! Your next team then takes the stage as the Fiend loops back to S1 and resets its conditional skills.

Hunting the Fiend

C1 → S1 → C2 → S2 → S3 → S4

In order to maximize damage, you will want to trigger C1 at the very start, because the buff from S1 lasts 4 turns, while the buff from C2 lasts 2 turns. Doing this is pretty hard, however.

C1 Trigger


Pure White Blessing Refithea + The Curse Celia is the easiest way to get 14 chains on turn 1. If you don't have Refithea and are using Diana instead, you will have to use a lot of skills turn 1 to make it happen. Schera and Sylvia both have 5 chain costumes that may help here.

You may instead just want to skip C1 since the extra chains are really good (while you are already getting Property DMG from Diana).

Surviving the Fiend


If you're only concerned with a level 10 clear, you will only need healing for this fight. Teresse and Helena both heal and buff, making them ideal for survival (you will need to time Teresse's buff correctly to line up with your nuke turn however).

Post level 10 is out of the scope of this guide, but energy guards from either Anti-Dystopia Diana and Red Riding Hood Rou will start being necessary for the higher levels.

Example Compositions

Example Magic Composition


Roxy is the best magic DPS for this Fiend Hunt, since she has a very wide AoE for the nuke turn. Schera is an alright alternative.

Example Physical Composition


Sylvia is the best physical DPS (also the best overall) given how much mileage she gets from both Desert Flower and Admiral. Sylvia can use her counters on the same turn you trigger C2, since it hits 5 times, then she can nuke with Admiral right after.

Rafina is also great here since even though her vulnerability debuff is not as effective here, she also acts as a sub DPS in this team.

Play by Play

If you need help with positioning, check out this gallery! Do note that this is a basic guide on how to line up all the buffs for the nuke turn—it's not meant to be an optimal setup guide since that depends on what units, gear, and dupes you have.

I'm using Schera here since my Roxy isn't well-built, but she should work the same way.

Trigger C1 by using Refithea and Celia together. Use Helena for healing. If you have SP to spare, you may also use Base Teresse for a bit of SP gain.

Use Base Helena for SP gain and extra survivability, and use Base Refithea for some extra CDMG stats.

Reapply Helena's buff and heal, and use Bunny Celia if you have her to buff her chains. Position like this so that only one unit takes the hits. If you're using Sylvia, have her take these hits while using Desert Flower on this turn.

Nuke turn!

Closing Thoughts

Really interesting that Roxy isn't even the best DPS for the Fiend Hunt she's released for. Sylvia is sooo strong. Also, can the devs stop messing up values in descriptions? It happens too often for my liking.