Character Guide — Roxy

Roxy is a Limited unit in collaboration with Mushoku Tensei. She is a Magic Water DPS who nukes the field with her thundercloud, while also stalling her enemies with a silence effect.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Roxy is a Limited unit in collaboration with Mushoku Tensei. She is a Magic Water DPS who nukes the field with her thundercloud, while also stalling her enemies with a silence effect.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Biggest AoE DMG skill in the game.
[PvP] Roxy's silence is great for the opener, and her nuke AoE is likely to hit 0 MRES enemies.

Roxy's damage is worse than other wide AoE nukes.
Very expensive DMG skill.


Roxy has 2 costumes. Respected Master is a very wide AoE nuke, while Emerging Desire is a cheap silence skill.

Respected Master


SP ◆ 7 — CD ● 3 Turns
Deal Magic DMG based off of 140% of Magic ATK. Deal Magic DMG based off of 300% of Magic ATK to the main target.

Skill Potential 1
DMG +50%

Skill Potential 2
DMG (Main Target) +75%

Skill Potential 3
DMG (Main Target) +75%

SP CostMagic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMG
(Main Target)
Magic DMG
7 ▸ 6140% ▸ 210%210% ▸ 280%300% ▸ 450%280% ▸ 350%
Costume Designs

This costume has the widest AoE in the game for a DMG skill, making it incredibly good at quick clearing low level content. However, this pattern isn't actually that much better than a pattern in the current PvE meta, since the field is a 3×4 board and you typically cast wide AoE skills down the middle lane.

Since her damage is lower than other wide AoE nukes (about 70% of Maid Liatris and Last Hope Loen's DMG ceilings unbuffed), she is effectively a downgrade compared to them. Not to mention that Roxy's skill costs 6 SP, which is a hefty cost.

In PvP, this costume is solid since the pattern is significantly better than the pattern when cast on either side lane. Roxy is much more likely to hit an enemy that doesn't have MRES, and therefore eliminating them.

Key Upgrades: +1, DMG Upgrades add up.

Emerging Desire


Silent Night
SP ◆ 2 — CD ● 3 Turns
Attack 3 Times, each attack deals Magic DMG equal to 30% of Magic ATK. Apply Silence to enemies hit for 2 turns.

Skill Potential 1
DMG +8%

Skill Potential 2
Range Upgrade

Skill Potential 3
DMG +8%

SP CostMagic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMG
2 ▸ 130% ▸ 37%37% ▸ 44%44% ▸ 51%51% ▸ 58%
Costume Designs

This costume is really just for PvP, since silence effects in PvE are way better on units that battery as well (Lucrezia and Olstein).

The silence is solid in the PvP attack opener, given that it only costs 1 SP, allowing you to potentially disable an entire lane. This is really impactful when you are stacking your units on the top lane, safeguarding your units from the enemy's top lane.

The damage on this costume is terrible, so don't bother duping this costume past +1 really.

Key Upgrades: Design +1, Skill Potential 2

Building Roxy

Roxy has slightly different gear depending on whether you're using her in PvP or PvE.

Roxy's Staff
Exclusive Stat — 45 MATK%
Correct Main Stats — MATK + CDMG
This exclusive weapon is a decent boost to Roxy's DMG. It's not necessary to have, but this is a limited weapon.

Bond Potential

Respected Master
Water DMG30%
Emerging Desire

Use Respected Master bonds for PvP and general PvE. Emerging Desire bonds are slightly better against fire enemies, but the former is more than fine for that too.

Optimal Build [PvE]


Optimal Substat Spread (Assuming BBS Refinements) — 7 MATK% substats + 8 CDMG substats

Use full DEF gear or full MRES gear depending on the enemies you're facing.

Optimal Build [PvP — No Crit Buff]


Optimal Substat Spread 1— 10 CR + 5 CDMG substats

Roxy needs to guarantee her crits since her DMG skill is a single hit. I do not recommend using Roxy in PvP without a crit buffer, since 10 CR subs is way too many for a build—the gear pieces you use for this build aren't very transferrable to other builds.

Optimal Build [PvP — With Helena]


Optimal Substat Spread— 8 CR + 2 MATK% + 5 CDMG substats


Optimal Substat Spread — 1 CR + 2 MATK% + 12 CDMG

The first build is slightly better in terms of damage, but the second build allows you to use her gear for PvE content as well (Put the single CR substat on the accessory).

  1. Assuming UR4, BBS substats ↩︎