Fiend Hunt Guide — Octovius I

Key Points

  • Level 10 Threshold: 145M
  • Fiend Stats — 0 DEF and MRES, 50 Fire RES, 100 Water DMG.
  • Nuke turn — After C1.
  • Build MRES gear.

Skill Rundown

Sticky Octopus Leg

Left: Tiles hit

Note! This attack deals bonus damage to Physical units, not Water units. Yet another translation mistake from the dev team. You will want your physical units to dodge this attack if this is too much damage (place them on the bottom lane).

Tidal Strike

Have a tank take this hit (Diana if she's on the team since she takes half damage), then put your physical units either beside or on either side of her (do not do this if you're on a magic team). C1 will then trigger if your team is physical.

Massive Octopus Leg

Similar to S1, have your magic units dodge this hit if it is too much for them (place them in the top lane).

Tuna Slam

Like S2, have a tank take this hit, then place your magic units either behind or to their side for the MATK buff. If you're on a magic team, C1, will then trigger.

Summer Splash

A team wipe! Your next team then takes the stage as the Fiend loops back to S1.

Dry Out

Trigger, either S2 or S4 buffed a unit.
Nuke turn! This skill will trigger after S2 if your team is physical, and after S4 if your team is magic.

Hunting the Fiend

Physical: S1 → S2 → C1 S3 → S4 → S5
Magic: S1 → S2 S3 → S4 C1 → S5

Pretty simple skill sequencing this time around. Just have your physical team buffed after S2 and have your magic team buffed after S4 to trigger C1. Nuke the fiend after C1.

Team Building

Example Physical Composition


Gray, our only physical DPS, will be a very good budget option this Fiend Hunt. Vanguard Gray especially, whose skill potentials give him a ton of damage even at +0. Upgrade his DMG potentials if you're lacking a DPS for this Fiend. Post level 10, Vanguard's DoT will deal incredible amounts of damage (though he needs dupes to do this).

Gray Rotation: Repeat (Vanguard → Manager → Pool Party)

Example Magic Composition


Both Dalvi and Venaka will be great DPS units for this hunt. If you have a high enhanced Bright Moon, you can use that on the nuke turn after using Summer Vacation on a previous turn.

Dalvi Rotation: Summer → Off turn → Bright Moon ×3 → Summer

If your Celia is occupied in another team, you can try using Zenith.

Closing Remarks

This Hunt is a lot simpler especially compared to the previous one. But it's a needed change of pace for the new players to try out their free Dalvi's!