Fiend Hunt Guide — Gridlin (Light)

The Gridlin is back in action, seeking out the spotlight! He... kinda looks like a knock off Pikachu?

Key Points

  • Level 10 DMG Threshold — 109M DMG.
  • Fiend Stats: 0 DEF & MRES, 0 Light DMG, 0 Dark RES.
  • The back (the middle weakpoint) takes 300% more damage, while the head and waist (the other two weakpoints) take 100% more damage.
    • Units that can hit the back (Nartas, Eleaneer with Zenith) will thrive.
  • 10 Initial SP, 2 SP gained per turn.
  • Have your chainers tank S1, and your DPS units tank S2. Trigger C1 after S2.
  • Build DEF Gear.
    • This is especially important for your chainers who will be taking tons of DoT DMG.

Skill Rundown

S1 — Death☆Punch


The Gridlin deals damage and applies a DoT that lasts for the rest of the battle. In exchange, your units hit get a +1 Chain buff, allowing them to apply more chains per hit.

Have your chainer(s) take this hit, and have your DPS dodge it, since you want your DPS to take S2. Your other supports may also take this hit for a bit of extra chains, provided that they can survive the DoT.

S2 — Rampage Blow


Have your DPS take this hit so that they gain a property DMG buff. Make sure that they didn't tank S1. After this, trigger C1.

C1 — Fatal Temptation

Trigger: Stack 15 chains in any tile.

This is a difficult condition to trigger if you don't have Masquerade Bunny Celia or Pure White Blessing Refithea, since there are no 8-chainers in the game. Nonetheless, you have to trigger this skill after S2 in order to have a nuke turn.

S3 — Creepy Bubble

The Gridlin gives itself a damage reduction buff that can only be removed by hits. This should be no problem however since you should already be running a chainer.

S4 — Merry Bad Ending

A team wipe! Your next team then takes the stage as the Fiend loops back to S1 and resets its conditional skills.

Hunting the Fiend

S1 → S2 → C1 → S3 → S4

In order to stack all of the amplifications the Gridlin gives you, trigger C1 after S2. Line up your buffs so that you can unleash tons of damage after C1.

Chain Trigger

You will be needing a chainer in order to trigger C1. There are two primary ways to accomplish this:

  • Use Masquerade Bunny Celia. Have Celia tank S1, then have her use Bunny after S1, then use Descendant after S2 to trigger C1. This stacks 15 chains since Celia gained a +1 Chain buff from the Fiend and from Bunny each (3×5 = 15 chains). If your Bunny Celia is +4, she gets an extra 7 chains on The Curse for the nuke turn. Otherwise, you'll just have to settle with 14 chains.
  • Use Pure White Blessing Refithea and an accompanying 5-chainer. Have that chainer tank S1, then use Refithea to get them to 15 chains.

If you have neither of these options, then you have to use two chainers on your team, which is both restrictive and SP expensive, since there aren't many units with multiple chain costumes. Currently, Celia, Liatris, and Gray are the only chainers that meet these criteria.

Chain Costumes:

  • Celia → All
  • Liatris → Rodev's Star, Neon Stalker
  • Scheherazade → Pool Party, Magic School Professor
  • Gray → B-Rank Manager, Vanguard

Team Building

Example Magic Composition:


Nartas (Magic DPS) — Nartas is looking to be the best DPS for this Hunt, since the Gridlin's weak spots line up for his pattern. Eclipse makes for a decent secondary DPS, while Celia can also contribute to damage since she has elemental advantage. If you're lacking either Nartas or Bunny Eclipse, substitute them with a secondary magic buffer.

Example Physical Composition:


Eleaneer (Physical DPS) — B-Rank Idol Eleaneer will be strong this Hunt, if she's paired with Zenith, since she'll be able to hit all weak spots. You can instead use Stray Cat Rou as a budget option, but Rou will struggle to clear level 10 in a single team.

Game Club Rafina may not be ideal this Fiend Hunt given that the Gridlin already self-applies 200% vulnerability. It should be better to use double buffers if you have the slot for it (if you're using Rou for example).

Other notable mentions:


Loen and Liatris can be used as off element teams for this Hunt, if you're not already using their amplifiers for your main team.

Maria should work as an option for newbies without any good DPS units for this Hunt.

Closing Remarks

Hey, Nartas is finally a top tier option in a Fiend Hunt! Good for him, good for him.