Character Guide — Glacia

Glacia is a Magic Water tank with a revive skill unique to her! On top of that, she is currently the only tank who can realistically build both 90 DEF and 90 MRES, making her a brick wall in PvP.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Glacia is a Magic Water tank with a revive skill unique to her! On top of that, she is currently the only tank who can realistically build both 90 DEF and 90 MRES, making her a brick wall in PvP.

Revives trigger immediately upon death, healing the user for a fixed amount. The user loses all buffs and debuffs before reviving.

If a multi-hit skill kills the user and triggers their revive before using each of its hits, that skill continues to damage the revived unit after being healed.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Glacia is the only unit who can realistically build both 90 DEF and 90 MRES, thanks to her higher base MRES, her potentials, and her exclusive gear.
[PvP] She is the only tank who does not rely on counters in order to deal damage.

Glacia is lackluster in PvE content.
The '90/90' build is very expensive.


Glacia currently has 2 costumes. Alice is a taunt skill that also gives her a revive and regeneration buff upon death, while Disciplinary Committee is a fixed damage skill that allows her to kill squishy enemies.



Eternal Tea Party
SP ◆ 4 — CD ● 7 Turns
Taunt for 2 turns. If you die within 4 turns after being attacked, revive with 50% of HP and heal 15% of max HP each turn for 4 turns.

Skill Potential 1
Regeneration +20%

Skill Potential 2
Regeneration +20%

Skill Potential 3
CD -2 Turns

ReviveReviveSP CostRevive
Taunt Duration
50% ▸ 65%65% ▸ 80%4 ▸ 380% ▸ 90%
15% ▸ 20%
90% ▸ 100%
20% ▸ 25%
Costume Designs

The taunt and revive combined make Glacia really hard to deal with, especially when combined with the 90/90 build. Dispels do deal with Glacia's buffs, but since no dispel in the game has a shred on top of it, they usually fail to kill Glacia. The only ways to properly deal with her then are shreds and fixed damage.

  • Fixed damage can easily bypass her RES stats, but she just revives anyway.
  • Shreds can make it so that Glacia is more easily killed by other units, but if the shred skill itself fails to kill her, Glacia loses the shred debuff upon reviving.

Do keep in mind that Glacia also loses her taunt when she dies and revives.

This costume is completely fine at +0, since it's the taunt and revive mechanics that are most important. Her regeneration skill potentials are very helpful in PvP, since Glacia doesn't build crit stats for her heals to consistently crit. Her cooldown potential is nice to have, but if you're also using Disciplinary Committee, this upgrade isn't that impactful since it doesn't improve the DC → A → DC skill rotation.

+3 enables Glacia to be used in the attack opener on turtle strategies. +5 increases her taunt duration, but in most scenarios this isn't that relevant since dispels are meta. It is however impactful in double taunt defense strategies where you use another taunt to tank the dispel before Glacia's taunt.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 1 and 2, Design +3

Disciplinary Committee


Rules Are Non-Negotiable!
SP ◆ 3 — CD ● 5 Turns
Decrease incoming Magic DMG by 50% for 2 turns. Attack 3 Times, each attack deals Fixed Magic DMG based off of 150% of Magic ATK.

Skill Potential 1
Fixed DMG +15%

Skill Potential 2
CD -2 Turns

Skill Potential 3
Fixed DMG +15%

SP CostFixed DMGFixed DMGFixed DMGFixed DMG
3 ▸ 2150% ▸ 175%175% ▸ 200%200% ▸ 225%225% ▸ 250%
Costume Designs

This costume is a fixed damage skill that enables Glacia to be not just defensive, but offensive as well. At +0 and +1, she should be able to kill any squishy enemy below 5k HP, but she will be needing dupes if you want her to also be able to deal with the 8k HP units.

Because Glacia has really low base MATK, you should not expect this costume to make her a dedicated Fixed DPS. This costume does not enable her to kill tanks, only whittle them down. So, you shouldn't be prioritizing her MATK over her defensive stats—you may as well just use Justia at that point.

Also keep in mind that this costume makes Glacia more susceptible to Lecliss's counters, who deals 50% more damage to the former. A well-built Glacia shouldn't be dying to the counters, but she still takes a ton of damage. Therefore, you should keep track of when Lecliss typically has her counters up and adjust your Glacia's rotation around that.

Skill potential 2 allows Glacia to fit in two casts of this costume in between each Alice cast.

Key Upgrades: Design +1, Skill Potential 2, every DMG upgrade helps.

Building Glacia

Glacia is really expensive to build for PvP if you plan to use the 90/90 build. However, once you complete the build, she'll be a massive wall for any unit that doesn't shred or deal fixed damage.

Frost Queen
Exclusive Stat — 16.2% MRES
Correct Main Stats — MATK + MATK
This weapon is amazing, giving Glacia extra MRES. This gear allows Glacia to more easily build 90/90, and it even enables her to build 90/110.

Bond Potential

Water DMG30%
Disciplinary Committee

Alice gives Glacia more RES stats, so it's more helpful to her tanking capabilities. Besides, the Water DMG on Disciplinary Committee is wasted on Glacia, since she shouldn't be having trouble killing any Fire units in PvP.

90/90 Build [PvP]


Substats — 10 DEF, 3 MRES, 2 HP%

This build is very expensive, requiring UR4 on most slots. This build actually gets Glacia to 90/110 RES, allowing her to tank even Eclipse's shred. This does require Glacia's EX weapon, however, since without it this build reaches 90/90, but not 90/110.

Glacia should have 15,000 max HP and 800-1000 MATK from this build depending on your collection bonus. She should have no trouble killing squishy enemies with her fixed damage on this build, but if you're lacking dupes to deal enough damage, consider replacing the HP% subs with MATK% subs.

This build can function even without the full 90 DEF, but of course having the full 90 is way better due to RES stats scaling polynomially.