Character Guide — Granhildr

Granhildr is a Physical Light Tank that controls the battlefield with her preemptive skills. Her taunt combined with both the survivability of her energy guards and the danger of her counters make her a nightmare to deal with in PvP.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Granhildr is a Physical Light Tank that controls the battlefield with her preemptive skills. Her taunt combined with both the survivability of her energy guards and the danger of her counters make her a nightmare to deal with in PvP.

Preemptive Skills
Skills that are preemptive are cast before the start of the first turn. Casting a skill preemptively still consumes SP, and immediately puts the skill on cooldown. Preemptive skills do not consume the character's first turn in combat.

Preemptive skills can be toggled on or off, and you can have as many of them set on as SP allows.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Incredibly high damage potential versus elite enemies in challenging content.
[PvP] Her preemptive taunt can singlehandedly get your defense team to survive the first turn.

Her DEF and MRES stats may need to be fine-tuned to content in order to optimize her counter damage.
Her having a limited number of counters may make her unsuitable for clearing non elites.


Granhildr currently has 2 costumes. The Void is a powerful counter skill that scales off the damage that she takes, while Comeback Idol is a taunt skill that also gives her an incredible amount of survivability through energy guard.

The Void


Goddess' Protection
SP ◆ 4 — CD ● 5 Turns
This skill is Preemptive. Counter the target and deal Physical DMG based off of 200% damage received when you are attacked for 3 hits.

Skill Potential 1
Counter Hits +2

Skill Potential 2
Counter DMG +15%

Skill Potential 3
SP Cost -1

Counter DMGCounter HitsCounter DMGCounter DMGCounter DMG
200% ▸ 250%3 ▸ 5250% ▸ 300%300% ▸ 350%350% ▸ 400%
Costume Designs

The Void is Granhildr's base costume, recruitable in the pub's rotating pool.

This skill has insanely high damage potential, capable of converting damage taken by up to a 1:32 ratio! (She multiplies damage taken by up to 415% and then critting multiplies it by up to 800%.) There are a ton of factors that go into the effectiveness of this costume, however:

  • Her counter scaling off damage taken means that damage reduction from DEF, MRES, and other buffs and debuffs hurt Granhildr's damage.
  • The amount of damage she can output also depends on her own HP. Since we would like to avoid using damage reduction effects, that means that Granhildr synergizes the most with Energy Guards. Her other costume, Comeback Idol, gives her a huge amount of energy guard, but other units such as Anti-Dystopia Diana and Red Riding Hood Rou, can also work well with her.
  • She won't do well against enemies with small hits, such as basic attacks, which is compounded by the fact that her counter duration is hit-based instead of turn-based.

In Mirror Wars, this costume is either a supplement to the Idol Preemptive, in cases where she survives the first turn, or it can be used as its own preemptive strategy, punishing skip attackers such as Eclipse. Keep in mind however that using the Void Preemptive requires quite a bit of planning.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 1 and 3, Design +2, DMG upgrades are nice.

Comeback Idol


Comeback Spotlight
SP ◆ 6 — CD ● 7 Turns
This skill is Preemptive. Taunt for 2 turns. Create an Energy Guard equal to 100% of your max HP for 4 turns.

Skill Potential 1
Energy Guard +25%

Skill Potential 2
SP Cost -1

Skill Potential 3
Energy Guard +25%

Energy GuardCooldownEnergy GuardEnergy GuardEnergy Guard
100% ▸ 150%7 ▸ 5150% ▸ 200%200% ▸ 250%250% ▸ 300%
Costume Designs

This is the costume that changed Mirror Wars forever. Comeback Idol can preemptively taunt at the start of combat, redirecting the skills of the attacking team. This makes it so that offense has to get through her first. Justia isn't capable of killing Granhildr through her energy guard (barring things like dispel and Zenith), so offense teams have to play around it.

Her +2 allows her to smoothly rotate between her two skills. Skill Potential 2 might seem nice, but Eclipse openers drain this SP anyway, so it may be hard to get a significant advantage from the SP discount.

This costume is also a great enabler to The Void's counters in PvE content, increasing Granhildr's effective HP almost four-fold (This skill is capped at a 20,000 HP coefficient).

Key Upgrades: Design +2, Energy Guard upgrades are really nice.

Building Granhildr

Granhildr's build depends on what she's being used for. Build either 0 RES

Exclusive Stat — 54 HP%
This exclusive weapon is a considerable boost to Granhildr's survivability, allowing her to more easily reach 20,000 HP. Definitely great to have.

Bond Potential

Crit Rate7.8%
The Void
Magic Resist13.4%
Comeback Idol

Either of Gran's bond potentials are fine, since they both give a lot of HP. The Void has an edge however since it gives her more crit rate, but if you need the extra MRES (or you really need to build 0 DEF), then go for Comeback Idol.

PvE Counter Build


In order to maximize her counters in PvE content, we minimize the amount of RES she has according to the enemy type. Build MRES/HP% gear against physical enemies, and DEF/HP% against magic enemies.

PvP Build — Idol Preemptive


Whether you build 90 DEF or 90 MRES on Gran depends on what units you would rather play around:

  • 90 DEF Gran is countered by a well-built Pool Party Schera, and cannot survive Eclipse.
  • 90 MRES Gran is countered by Eleaneer.

PvP Build — Void Preemptive

There are many considerations when it comes to using The Void as Gran's preemptive. She is still susceptible to dispels, and unlike the Idol Preemptive, she is vulnerable to Justia. Fortunately, all of these problem characters are front attackers, meaning that putting her behind another tank (such as Glacia) would keep her safe from the dispels on turn 1. With these circumstances, her builds have the following considerations:

  • 90 DEF Gran may get one shot by Bunny Eclipse, and she will have a hard time dealing considerable damage to physical carries.
  • 90 MRES Gran can still kill Eclipse, who typically builds MRES, but she is vulnerable to Rou's knockback.
  • Building 50/50 RES (or some other in-between) still makes her vulnerable to Rou, but she gets to counter physical carries and not worry too much about an Eclipse OHKO.