Character Guide — Lecliss

Lecliss is a Physical Wind tank with a taunt and counter, punishing those who hit her. She can become both unreasonably tanky, and strike ridiculously hard in both PvP and PvE.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Lecliss is a Physical Wind tank with a taunt and counter, punishing those who hit her. She can become both unreasonably tanky, and strike ridiculously hard in both PvP and PvE.

HP Scaling Skills
Character skills that scale off HP (whether their own or the enemy's) cap off at a 20,000 coefficient. This means that if the character or the enemy has more than 20,000 HP, the skill treats them as if they have exactly 20,000 HP instead.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Lecliss can be used as a DPS tank in elemental PvE content.
[PvP] Lecliss's counters and energy guard, combined with her damage reduction and taunt make for a deadly combo.

As with any tank, she is weak to dispels, especially since her damage comes from counters.


Lecliss currently has 2 costumes. Killer Doll gives Lecliss a taunt and a damage reduction buff, while Android Queen gives her an energy guard and counter attacks.

Killer Doll


Curse Replica
SP ◆ 6 — CD ● 5 Turns
Decrease incoming DMG by 45% for 2 turns. Taunt for 2 turns.

Skill Potential 1
Damage Reduction +10%

Skill Potential 2
SP Cost -1

Skill Potential 3
SP Cost -1

Damage ReductionDamage ReductionSP CostDamage ReductionTaunt Duration
45% ▸ 55%55% ▸ 65%6 ▸ 565% ▸ 75%2 ▸ 4
Costume Designs

Killer Doll taunts enemies and grants herself a damage reduction buff. This ability is good for keeping the heat off your allies, but when combined with Android Queen (below), she becomes a destructive force to be reckoned with.

This skill is very expensive at base, which is why it is important to grab her SP reduction potentials if you want to use her. She goes from 6 SP to 3 SP after all of these upgrades, which is a massive difference. Do note however that if you have a member on your team that can battery on turn 1, then this SP cost may not be as detrimental in PvE content.

The damage reduction is at first just a little bonus to Lecliss, given how tanky she already is, but these upgrades really add up. Damage reduction scales polynomially—the more you have of it, the better the next increase is. 55% is okay, 75% is good, but 85% is amazing. If you happen to have +4 on this costume, skill potential 1 is a fantastic upgrade.

Key Upgrades: SP upgrades, Damage Reduction upgrades add up.

Android Queen


Auto Defense Mode
SP ◆ 4 — CD ● 5 Turns
Counter the target and deal Physical DMG based off of 15% of max HP when you get attacked for 4 turns. Create an Energy Guard equal to 65% of max HP that takes DMG for 4 turns.

Skill Potential 1
Energy Guard +15%

Skill Potential 2
Counter +5%

Skill Potential 3
Energy Guard +20%

Energy GuardCounter DMGSP CostCounter DMGEnergy Guard
65% ▸ 100% 15% ▸ 25%4 ▸ 325% ▸ 35%100% ▸ 125%
Costume Designs

This costume makes Lecliss a menace in PvP, countering for a ton of damage whenever she takes a hit. The energy guard is really helpful too, making her capable of surviving a fixed DMG attack from Justia.

In PvE, Lecliss can also be used as a wind DPS akin to Sylvia. She will need defensive gear of course, but at +0 she can defeat water enemies with the help of Diana. She will need +2 at least to defeat endgame water enemies, however. Since Android Queen scales off her own max HP, she will need Game Club Rafina instead of a standard ATK buffer to amplify her damage.

Key Upgrades: Design +2, +3, and +4, Energy Guard upgrades are nice to have.

Building Lecliss

Lecliss's has two main PvP builds—the classic 90 DEF build, and the expensive 90/90 build. Because her base stats and exclusive gear lean towards DEF, I would not recommend building 90 MRES on Lecliss for PvP unless you're building 90/90.

Soul Curtana
Exclusive Stat — 54% HP
Correct Main Stats — DEF + DEF
This head piece allows Lecliss to more easily reach the 20,000 HP threshold. Great to have, especially in PvP, but may not be good against magic enemies in PvE content.

Bond Potential

Killer Doll
Android Queen

Use Android Queen for DEF builds, and Killer Doll for MRES builds.

The 90/90 build can use either, but Killer Doll allows for a more balanced sub spread, which is easier to reroll for.

PvE Build


Substats — CDMG > HP%

Simply maximize Lecliss's CDMG to get as close to the 700 CDMG cap. Build either 90 MRES or 90 DEF depending on the enemies you're facing.

DEF Build [PvP]

Substats — HP% = CR > CDMG

This build can hit the 20,000 HP threshold easily. Which substats you use on her is really up to you. HP% gives her more survivability and is especially recommended if you don't have her exclusive gear. Crit rate gives her more consistency on her counters. CDMG isn't really that important once you have the DMG upgrades on Android Queen, but they're not terrible.

If for some reason you are using Killer Doll bonds, you'll need 3 DEF subs to get to 90 DEF.

90/90 Build [PvP]

Substats — 8 DEF, 7 MRES

This build sacrifices Lecliss's HP in order to have resistance against both magic and physical attacks. She'll only have 17,500 HP on this build (15,000 without her exclusive gear), which means she'll lose a bit of scaling on both her energy guard and counters. The lower HP also means she is more vulnerable to Blood Glutton Justia before she gains her Energy Guard.

All in all, this tradeoff should be worth it, but keep in mind that substat rerolling for this build is very expensive.