May 1st (UTC) Temporary Maintenance Notice

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

Temporary Maintenance is scheduled for May 1st (UTC).
Please refer to the details below.

■ Maintenance Schedule: May 1st 11:50 pm - May 2nd 1:30 am, 2024 (1 hour 40 mins) (UTC)
■ Effect: Game access unavailable
■ Maintenance Reward: 400 Dias
■ Details:

1. Fiend Hunter Hunting Period
- The hunting period for the giant fiend Blue Beard will begin.
- Fiend Hunter Hunting Period: After May 1st maintenance - May 8th 2:59 pm, 2024 (UTC)
- When you enter the Fiend Hunter from the Marry Me! event and touch the [Go to Battle] button, you can immediately enter the battle.

2. New Pickup

- The Gluttonous Refithea Costume and Refithea's Exclusive Gear, Little Fairy will appear in the pickup.
1) The Gluttonous Refithea Costume: After May 1st maintenance - Before May 15th maintenance (UTC)

2024-04-30 16 44 32.png

※ The above information may change upon update.
※ For more detailed abilities and information, please check the in-game Collection menu.
※ The Gluttonous Refithea Costume will be added to the Powder of Hope Shop and Selective Draw after May 8th maintenance (UTC).
※ The Gluttonous Refithea appears randomly in story packs 1 to 13 pubs or inns after the May 1st maintenance (UTC), and can be recruited using the ★5 R. Contract.

2) Little Fairy: After May 1st maintenance - Before May 15th maintenance (UTC)
2024-04-30 16 39 30.png

※ The above information is based on the ability value of UR Little Fairy at the time of initial acquisition.
※ For more detailed stats and information, please check the collection menu in the game.

■ Issue Fixations
- An issue where the game is forced to quit when touching the bag > quest item has been fixed.
- The issue where the game is forced to quit when aura skill animation overlaps during battle has been fixed.
- An issue where the store operates abnormally when touching an empty slot in a store for an ended season event has been fixed.


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