Character Guide — Teresse

Teresse is a Physical Water support who offers both an offensive buff and a knockback skill. This combination of skills is admittedly strange, but having an offensive buff like hers makes her worth the investment.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Teresse is a Physical Water support who offers both an offensive buff and a knockback skill. This combination of skills is admittedly strange, but having an offensive buff like hers makes her worth the investment.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Teresse buffs both ATK and MATK, making her usable in both physical and magic teams, and even optimal in hybrid teams.
Teresse has the widest AoE knockback skill in the game.

Teresse's buff does not have full uptime.
Knockbacks are typically only used in very specific scenarios, so you mostly use Teresse for her buffs.


Teresse currently has 2 costumes. Angel of Destruction is a knockback skill with a wide AoE, while Medical Club is an ATK and MATK buff skill with healing on top.

Angel of Destruction

Very Front

Berserk Smash
SP ◆ 2 — CD ● 3 Turns
Acquire 3 SP. Deal 1 Physical DMG and knock the target 2 squares to the back. The knocked back target deals 50% of their max HP to the impacted target with Physical DMG. Deal Physical DMG based off of 75% of ATK every turn for 6 turns.

Skill Potential 1
DoT DMG +50%

Skill Potential 2
Range Upgrade

Skill Potential 3
Knockback +25%

75% ▸ 125%50% ▸ 75%2 ▸ 175% ▸ 125%125% ▸ 175%
Costume Designs

Angel of Destruction is recruitable in the pub of Story Pack 8 — Fury Angel.

This costume is niche at best, since knockback damage depends on enemy formations, and Teresse has terrible ATK stats to utilize the DoT damage. Within this niche however is the fact that she has the widest pattern amongst the knockback skills allowing her to line up the enemies for your other allies, especially those with the juicy patterns.

With the range upgrade from her skill potential, she becomes much more flexible with this pattern as well, allowing her to strike from the side lanes.

As for damage, this costume is downright pitiful at +0, and you need the combination of +2 and skill potential 3 to get her to 100% knockback damage, in parity with most other knockback skills.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 2

Medical Club


I-I'll Help!
SP ◆ 4 — CD ● 9 Turns
Increase ATK and MATK by 50% for 4 turns. Heal allies' HP based off of 25% of current HP every turn for 4 turns.

Skill Potential 1
M/ATK Buff +10%

Skill Potential 2
Heal +25%

Skill Potential 3
Range Upgrade

SP CostM/ATK BuffHealM/ATK BuffM/ATK Buff
4 ▸ 350% ▸ 70%25% ▸ 50%70% ▸ 90%90% ▸ 110%
Costume Designs

Medical Club is a hybrid buffer, allowing you to use both magic and physical units in your team. This is especially important when you are playing mono element teams with Diana, where your choice of DMG carries is already restricted.

This costume also heals based off her current HP. Teresse has really high base HP, so she should be able to heal well even after taking quite a bit of damage. Reminder that heals can crit, too, so for most scenarios, her healing should be good if you give her enough crit stats.

The most notable downside to this costume compared to the other M/ATK buffs is the fact that this costume has a pattern, instead of targeting all of your teammates. Fortunately, this is not an aura skill like Diana's, so you only need to position her buff on the turn she casts it, but this restriction is still annoying when you are using her and Diana on the same team. This is why her range upgrade is massive QoL to her skill, as a pattern is much easier to utilize.

There's also the fact that Teresse costs 3 SP, and doesn't have full uptime on her buffs, but her enabling compositions that neither Lathel nor Helena can fully utilize should make up for that.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 3, needs to be +2 at least to outscale Samay's buff.

Building Teresse

You don't really need to build Teresse if you only need her for her offensive buffs, but since she's tanky, you can build her to take more hits (while also making her heals more potent). You can also make her knockbacks deal more damage.

Exclusive Stat — 45 ATK%
Correct Main Stats — ATK + CDMG
This weapon is near useless to Teresse, since the only thing that scales off her ATK is the DoT she applies on her base costume. She also has terrible base stats for DoT damage. This exclusive weapon is not worth it at all.

Bond Potential

Angel of Destruction
Medical Club

Medical Club is definitely the better bond potential, since it gives significantly more HP to Teresse. There might be a consideration to use Angel of Destruction for that extra DEF, but you can reach 90 DEF even without that.

Optimal Build [PvE]


Substats — Prioritize HP%, crit stats are nice for her healing

Build either full DEF gear or full MRES gear depending on the enemies you're facing.