Costume Guide – Disciplinary Committee Glacia

Official Patch Notes

Full potential at +5


  • Improves Glacia a lot in PVP by giving her an offensive skill to play during her taunt cooldown
  • Low SP cost
  • Fixed damage cannot be reduced
  • Works fine at +1, though chance of dealing lethal improves with costume levels and potential
  • Offensive power increases in magic teams with B.Helena


  • Not useful if you don't already have Alice Glacia. DC.Glacia is not strong enough to use on her own
  • Decreasing Magic DMG is nice, but not a huge deal when most Glacia's already gear for 90% M.RES
  • Her base damage is very low, and she requires high rank gears to do respectable damage
  • Weird AOE

Glacia for PVE

There's not much to say about Glacia for PVE. Amongst all of the fixed damage dealers (the other two being Alec and Justia), Glacia is the weakest. Glacia's base damage is pitifully low, because she is designed to be a tank, not an attacker. It is unlikely that you will be using Glacia in PVE.

Fixed damage dealers in general are not very good for PVE as they cannot crit.

Glacia for PVP

Glacia has followed the trend of Lecliss and Granhildr by getting a second costume with offensive powers. Unlike Lecliss and Gran, who have counter skills, DC.Glacia just straight up attacks. The attack is surprisingly good for a tank unit. Fixed damage is great for PVP because it bypasses all DEF, M.RES and damage reduction skills (but does not bypass energy guards).

Although the +5 damage multiplier seems high (750%), Glacia's base M.ATK is very low. With full UR gearing on her weapon and gloves (assuming you still tune sub-stats mainly for defensive stats), Glacia can reach around 800-1000 M.ATK. Although Glacia can reach higher heights with potential upgrades, it is recommended that you bond with Alice Glacia's stats instead, as Glacia still functions primarily as a tank, not an attacker.

Taking 800 M.ATK as a base line, DC.Glacia deals 6,600 fixed damage (including chain damage) at +5. This is pretty good, and enough to take out a lot of low HP targets. If full potential is unlocked, her damage at +5 (including chain damage) increases to 7,392, which is even better.

In a magic team with B.Helena, Glacia benefits from B.Helena's buff. This boosts the damage from DC.Glacia +5 to 11,550 (or 12,936 with full potential), which is enough to take out most non-tank targets.

Overall, this makes DC.Glacia an excellent addition to your existing Glacia's arsenal. However, DC.Glacia is best used as a secondary costume to Alice Glacia. DC.Glacia on her own would not be worth running, because of the long cooldown and relatively low combat power compared to the two other fixed damage attackers, Justia and Alec.

Are the potential upgrades worth it?

DC.Glacia's potential upgrades are a luxury, and low priority compared to her Alice Glacia potential upgrades.

Firstly, DC.Glacia's stat upgrades from her potential improves M.ATK (80), DEF (5%) and water damage (30%). In comparison, Alice Glacia's potential upgrades HP (62.4%) and M.RES (13.4%). As a character whose main role is as a PVP tank, the HP and M.RES stats are much, much more useful and a much better investment.

Secondly, the damage upgrades from Alice Glacia's full potential add 30% M.ATK per hit to her total damage. On a 800 M.ATK Glacia, this adds an additional 792 fixed damage (including chain damage). It's nice, but not a huge damage boost compared to the very big investment cost of (2 Tears and a lot of stat boosts you probably don't need). There are better ways to use 2 Tears.


Glacia is already top tier in PVP and this just makes her better. For existing Glacia players, having at least +1 is great value. For a low cost of 2 SP, DC.Glacia helps you take out squishy enemies, wear down tougher ones, and also have a fighting chance in the death time matchup.

For those who have not already invested in Alice Glacia, it is probably not worth investing in DC.Glacia.