Fallen Angelica

Costume Guide – The Fallen Angelica

Official Patch Notes


StoryEvil CastleMirror Wars (PVP)Fiend


  • A playable addition to Angelica's costume choices, and synergizes well with Pool Party Angelica.
  • Low SP cost
  • Available in the pub - easier to get her costume levels up


  • Straight downgrade from Pool Party Angelica
  • Weird range, hard to reliably hit more than 1 target
  • Not very useful at +0 to +2.

Damage analysis

At +5, Fallen Angelica does 60% of Max HP of the target (without crit). However, although it is not expressly stated in the skill description, the "Max HP" is capped at 10,000HP for calculating damage. For example, a 15,000HP enemy will still be treated as having 10,000HP when calculating damage. This means that Angelica's max damage against an enemy with more than 10,000HP is 60% x 10,000 = 6,000 magic damage before crit.

Fallen Angelica must crit in order to kill. Fortunately, Angelica has great crit damage stats. Unlike most units that have a base crit dmg of 50%, Angelica's base crit dmg is 100%. She also has a unique weapon which increases her crit damage by 90% at UR level. It's fairly easy to reach at least 400% crit damage with reasonably optimized gears, which would equate to 30,000 magic damage on a successful crit before magic resist and damage reduction.

Like Angelica's other costumes, Fallen Angelica is weak to magic resist, HP shields and damage reduction.

Comparison to Pool Party Angelica

Compared to Pool Party Angelica, Fallen Angelica is unfortunately a direct downgrade, and a pretty big downgrade too.

  • Firstly, Pool Party Angelica does better damage with 25%x3hits = 75% total damage plus 3x chain.
  • Secondly, Pool Party Angelica has much better AOE.
  • Thirdly, Pool Party Angelica is much more forgiving when it comes to crits. PP Angelica can get away with a lower crit rate, because she can still do lethal damage as long as she gets in 1 or 2 crits out of 3. On the other hand Fallen Angel is "all or nothing": if you miss the crit on her single hit, the damage is guaranteed to be non-lethal.
  • Fourthly, Pool Party has the better damage reduction (75%).

The only upside to Fallen Angelica is that her SP cost is much lower (only 2 SP). However, there aren't many situations where the reduced SP cost would make it worthwhile playing Fallen over Pool Party.

Fallen Angelica for PVP

This one is an easy costume to recommend for PVP players that already have Pool Party Angelica in their main PVP team.

PP Angelica is a good unit in PVP with her wide AOE, heavy magic damage and 75% damage reduction shield. Her main drawback to date has been that she has a long cooldown and no good second costume skill to back her up on the next turn. Note she does have Neon Savior, but it is largely useless in PVP due to its "low and slow" burn damage and high SP cost.

Fallen Angelica now fills that "second costume" gap by providing a very decent second skill option, which can deal respectable damage with a low SP cost. It's far from being the best costume out there, but that's not the point - the point is that it makes your existing Pool Party Angelica better by improving both damage and survivability.

One word of warning though for high ranked players: 90% M.DEF Glacias are rampant in the upper ranks of PVP, which means that in the current meta, Angelica is not as good as she used to be. Still, if your aim is to maintain a high Dia I rank, then Angelica remains a very good choice for PVP.


If you run Pool Party Angelica as part of your main PVP team, then having Fallen Angelica as your secondary costume will make her even better. You can also get a free Fallen Angelica from pub recruit which makes it easier to get the costume to a high level.

Fallen Angel will also make your Pool Party Angelica better for the upcoming fiend boss, which is a relevant reason to pull.

Otherwise, for everyone else that doesn't main Pool Party Angelica, Fallen Angelica is not really worth it on her own. She needs a lot of investment in both costume levels and gears to do good damage, and even then her damage and AOE is too inconsistent to use on her own.