Costume Guide – Pool Party Scheherazade (limited)

Magic DMGMagic DMGSP CostMagic DMGMagic DMG
30% ▸ 38%38% ▸ 46%3 ▸ 246% ▸ 53%53% ▸ 60%

Official Patch Notes



  • One of two buff removal skills in the game that cost only 2 SP (the other one being PMB.Eleaneer)
  • 5 hits is great for stacking chains
  • Complements Schera's other skills well, and is consistent with her buff removal theme


  • Lower damage than Schera's other costumes
  • AOE can be hard to make use of effectively
  • Other than being 2 SP (which is undoubtedly an important advantage), Pool Party otherwise doesn't bring much to the table to improve Schera's overall utility
  • PP.Schera is limited, and you need a minimum investment of +3 to make her worthwhile

Schera for PVE

Despite being a "starter character", Schera is one of the best magic characters in the game. Schera's theme is buff removal: all her skills remove enemy buffs. This is useful against PVE enemies with annoying buffs like taunt and damage reduction. In addition to her buff removal, Schera also hits hard. Her base M.ATK is 385. Compare this to Celia (275), Eclipse (308), and Dalvi (352).

As to the Pool Party costume, it has some uses in PVE, but its uses are relatively niche.

Firstly, Pool Party's AOE is not very good for clearing mobs. Her skill hits at most 3 units at a time. For dealing wide AOE water damage, MPS.Schera, GC.Rafina or Roxy would be better choices.

Secondly, Pool Party is one of the weaker Schera costumes when it comes to single target damage. The table below compares the damage output of each Schera costume at +5 full potential:

Costume (+5 full potential)Total damage (including chain dmg)
Code Name S3 x 230% x 110% = 759%
Lapis Witch3 x 225% x 110% = 742.5%
Pool Party5 x 80% x 120% = 480%
Magic School Professor5 x 65% x 120% = 390%

This means that Pool Party is not well suited for the role of your main damage dealer in PVE. You are better off using Lapis Witch (base costume) or Code Name S for dealing high single target damage.

Despite these flaws, Pool Party is still useful in certain PVE battles thanks to her 5-hit skill. Pool Party Schera is great for fiend hunts, where rapid chain stacking is usually required to trigger critical lock and conditional skills. Pool Party Schera is also great for Last Night, where chain stacking is your main source of damage amplification.

Schera for PVP

Where PP.Schera really shines, though is in PVP. PP.Schera is primarily a PVP unit.

PP.Schera's real power lies in the fact that she costs only 2 SP. There are only 2 buff-removal skills in the game that cost 2 SP: PP.Schera, and PMB.Eleaneer.

Having a buff remover in your team is basically a prerequisite for climbing the ladder in PVP. Costumes like Android Lecliss and Red Hat Rou can decimate if their buffs are not quickly removed. However one of the most meta-defining costumes in PVP is Comeback Idol Granhildr, who starts the battle with pre-emptive taunt and a 350%HP Energy Guard. A well-geared Granhildr in the defending team will typically have over 90,000 effective HP. Without a buff remover, Granhildr can almost completely neutralize the attacking team's first turn.

Attacking teams start with 5 SP. LW.Schera and CNS.Schera both cost 3 SP. If you open with one of them to remove CI.Granhildr's buff, this would leave you with only 2 SP left to attack with.

PP.Schera, on the other hand, only costs 2 SP, which means that opening with PP.Schera would leave you with 3 SP to attack with. That extra 1 SP makes a huge difference, and is the reason why PP.Schera consistently ranks at the top tier of the PVP tier list.

Bear in mind that PP.Schera's cost only reduces to 2 SP from costume level +3 onwards. Below +3, PP.Schera costs the same as Schera's other costumes and is simply inferior in terms of damage and utility. You need a minimum investment to +3 to make her worthwhile, and you can only pull for her whilst the limited banner is up.


Pool Party Schera is just ok for PVE, but top tier for PVP at costume +3 and up.

Since she is a limited costume, if you want to pull for her, be prepared to invest to a minimum of +3 to make her worthwhile. Otherwise, PMB.Eleaneer is a perfectly acceptable (and non-limited) alternative for PVP.