Costume Guide – Whitebolt Yuri

Costume Guide – Whitebolt Yuri


  • Buff removal skill is very useful and rare: Schera and Eleaneer are the only other units with full buff removal.
  • High damage multiplier: At +5, 4x85% with 100% ATK buff effectively means 680% plus chain damage.
  • Decent damage even at +0.
  • Gets SP cost reduction at +1, instead of +3.
  • Respectable ATK stat (363), and unique gear gives 90% C.DMG as the unique stat.
  • One of the few units that can do "X" shape damage to the very front.
  • Likely to get better once a second costume is released.


  • Only one costume available right now.
  • ATK boost lasts for only 2 player turns (unlike Sword Queen Sylvia which lasts for up to 3 player turns).
  • Not quite as interesting as Dalvi or Nartas, which are about to be released.

Note: Yuri is light type, even though the above "Range" image shows blue.

Yuri for PvE

Whitebolt Yuri joins Sword Queen Sylvia as part of the next generation of "powercreep" attackers with very high damage multipliers.

Previously released "X" shape attackers have significantly lower damage than Whitebolt Yuri, e.g.:

  • Layla +5 does 2x180% = 360% plus chain damage (288 base ATK)
  • Marauder Kry +5 does 2x200% = 400% plus chain damage (252 base ATK)
  • Code Name A Rafina +5 does 5x100% = 500% plus chain damage (220 base ATK)
  • Eclipse +5 does 3x170% = 510% plus chain damage (308 base M.ATK)

When it comes to pure damage, the costumes above can't compare with Yuri +5 who does effectively 680% plus chain damage (363 base ATK). Even at +0 though, she does a very respectable 360% damage, making her useful even at low costume levels.

Yuri therefore comes in handy where you need an "X" shaped attacker to do heavy damage and/or to clear buffs. In particular, unless you have Magic School Professor Schera, Yuri may be your only option to clear buffs on "X" shaped enemy formations.

Yuri can also be used against the upcoming fire fiend if paired with Zenith/Rigenette.

Yuri for PvP

Yuri's damage is great and she removes buffs. For those reasons alone, she is playable in PVP.

However, she also has a couple of drawbacks for PVP teams.

Firstly, she has no second costume. Even though she will have boosted attack on your second turn, that's obviously not as good as having the full power of a second costume. Her 5 turn cooldown means that after activating her skill, she will spend the next 2 of your turns without any skills.

Secondly, her buff removal skill is generally wasted if used on Turn 1, because your opponent will not have had the opportunity to buff themselves yet on Turn 1. If you want to use her as your main buff remover, you'll need to make sure that her skill does not activate until your second turn.

Thirdly, Yuri joins a long roster of 4/3 SP AOE attackers, so there is a lot of competition for that valuable PVP team slot. Even though her kit is pretty good, it's hard to justify her over other units who can not only hit hard on your first turn but can also follow up with more skills on your second turn.


It's great to see more buff removers, especially such a strong one like Whitebolt Yuri. This is a really solid costume and it's likely that having at least 1 copy will be useful for future PVE content where "X" shaped buff removal is required.

For the time being, she's solid on her own, but she is unlikely to replace Schera as the buff remover of choice in PVP, mainly due to Yuri's lack of other costume options.

If you are thinking about going all out for Whitebolt Yuri +5, consider it a long-term investment. Just like Sword Queen Sylvia helped unlock the full potential of the previously released Admiral Sylvia, Whitebolt Yuri will probably get a lot better once her second costume comes out (though there's no telling when that will happen). Whitebolt's 100% ATK buff is just begging for a second costume to make good use of it. If Yuri's future costumes can be as good as Whitebolt, Yuri could potentially overtake Schera as the best buff remover in the game.