Brown Dust 2 PvE Tier List

Brown Dust 2 PvE Tier List and Roles

Best Brown Dust 2 characters and their costumes for their roles in PvE (DPS or support).

This is a work in progress and yet to be finalized. In the meantime, enjoy the direct embed to the spreadsheet from the Brown Dust 2 Community Sheet! This role list reflects the current meta for PvE, which revolves around the strength of offensive buffers, especially Diana's elemental advantage buffs.

PvE Teams: Endgame teambuilding is CONTENT DEPENDENT, depending on the element the enemies are weak to. The typical endgame team is typically comprised of the following:

  • Diana
  • Secondary Buffer
  • DPS (with elemental advantage)
  • Flex
  • Flex

The Flex slots can either be another DPS unit, or a unit with support utility for that specific battle.

Account Progression: Thus, in order to progress your account in terms of costumes, it's best to follow these guidelines:

  • The offensive buffers are must pulls, with dupes. Diana for any team, Homunculus Lathel for physical teams, and B-Rank Idol Helena for magic teams.
  • Invest in a DPS per element (long term goal). Ideally you want dupes on these units, and multiple costumes.
  • Other utility costumes depend on content.

How to use the Role List: The tiering depends on all the costumes a unit has. Thus, a unit getting a new costume can make them much better, improving their skill uptime and potentially creating synergy between the costumes.

In general, the best DPS units in your account are the ones with the most dupes and costumes.

In-Depth Unit Reviews: We currently plan to wait for the Potential system to come out in February, which will most likely impact the meta significantly.