Character Guide — Eclipse

Eclipse is a Magic Dark DPS who specializes in draining the SP of her enemies, while also dealing a decent amount of damage. Her impact in the PvP meta has been massive since Nightmare Bunny released, so if you have that costume, she'll definitely work wonders for you.
Base Stats [Level 100]

Eclipse is a Magic Dark DPS who specializes in draining the SP of her enemies, while also dealing a decent amount of damage. Her impact in the PvP meta has been massive since Nightmare Bunny released, so if you have that costume, she'll definitely work wonders for you.

SP Drain/Gain
Eclipse's skills that SP Drain scale off the number of hits dealt to any enemy. For example, if Nightmare Bunny attacks 3 enemies, each of the 3 hits will drain SP for each of those 3 enemies. Thus, she will end up draining 3×3 = 9 SP from the enemy team. The same works for gaining SP from Eclipse's attacks.

SP Drain however isn't really a relevant mechanic in PvE. Enemy teams in PvE do have SP, but they spend their SP before your turn as they "preload" their own skills. It is not possible to disrupt preloaded skills through SP drain.

In PvP, SP Drain does matter, but its impact is diminished by each team regaining 6 SP per turn.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Nightmare Bunny is a great battery and DMG skill with a flexible pattern.
[PvP] She is a scary DPS, capable of shredding her enemies before dealing her damage. Her pattern is also very hard to avoid for enemy formations.

Eclipse as a DPS requires an invested Nightmare Bunny, which is a limited costume. Her base costume is not really remarkable in comparison.
SP Drain is an irrelevant mechanic in PvE, so she only has utility in Nightmare Bunny.


Eclipse currently has two costumes. The Dimension Witch deals damage and drains SP, while Nightmare Bunny does those things while also shredding MRES and generating SP.

The Dimension Witch


Terra Drain
SP ◆ 4 — CD ● 5 Turns
Heal HP based off 35% of Max HP. Attack 3 Times, each attack deals Magic DMG based off 85% of Magic ATK. Decrease 3 SP for each attacked target.

Skill Potential 1
DMG +30%

Skill Potential 2
CD -2 Turns

Skill Potential 3
SP Cost -1

Magic DMGMagic DMGSPMagic DMGMagic DMG
85% ▸ 110%110% ▸ 135%4 ▸ 3 135% ▸ 155%155% ▸ 170%
Costume Designs

The Dimension Witch is recruitable in the pub of Story Pack 6 — Pagan Tower.

This costume has good damage; however, her pattern is a bit hard to utilize since it is a skip . There will be a lot of encounters where you wish it was very front instead.

As stated earlier, SP drain is not a relevant mechanic in PvE. So really this costume is in practice nothing more than a vanilla damaging skill. In PvP, however, the SP drain will matter, since it will often make the enemy team only has 6 SP on their following turn.

As for her potentials, skill potential 3 is nice for the SP reduction. Skill potential 2's cooldown reduction, although seeming neat, does not really help her rotations with Nightmare Bunny, which is locked to a 5 turn cooldown. You will usually want to open with Nightmare Bunny for the battery utility and the superior pattern, but then after casting both skills, the uneven cooldowns will cause both skills to go off cooldown at the same time. Even if for some reason you use this costume first, you will run into the same issue on the second rotation.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 3, Design +3, DMG upgrades are nice.

Nightmare Bunny


Dream Eater
SP ◆ 3 — CD ● 5 Turns
Decrease Magic Resist by 15% for 4 turns. Attack 3 Times, each attack deals Magic DMG based off 75% of Magic ATK. Acquire 1 SP for each attacked target. Decrease 1 SP for each attacked target.

Skill Potential 1
MRES Shred +5%

Skill Potential 2
DMG +10%

Skill Potential 3
DMG +10%

Magic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMGMagic DMG
75% ▸ 100%100% ▸ 125%125% ▸ 150%150% ▸ 175%175% ▸ 200%
Costume Designs

This costume is Limited, tied to winter events.

This costume is pretty overloaded. SP drain, SP gain, and MRES shred, on top of good damage with dupes. At +0, this costume does not really have good damage (she has lower multipliers to compensate for not having a higher SP cost at +0), however her battery utility is already really good. She generates 3 SP per unique enemy hit (provided that no enemy dies before the third hit), while having a really good pattern.

In PvP, Bunny Eclipse is a terror on the battlefield. Granhildr can taunt this skill out of harm's way, but after that taunt ends, there are very few formations where she won't hit at least 2 enemies with this costume.

Eclipse's 15% MRES shred (20% with potentials) may not seem like much, but it's all she needs in PvP. Enemy teams will have to build over 90 MRES in order to counter her. On top of that, this costume shreds before dealing any damage, which is a property unique to her. Typically, shreds are applied after the first hit applies its damage, but Eclipse shreds before the first hit. This makes her skill a lot scarier.

The only problem with this costume is that it's limited. If you don't have this costume (or if you only have it at +0), it's kind of questionable to invest in Eclipse at all.

Key Upgrades: Skill Potential 1, DMG upgrades add up.

Building Eclipse

Star Caller Ornament
Exclusive Stat — 45 MATK%
Correct Mainstats — CR + CR
This exclusive accessory is unusable in PvE, because it is unable to roll CDMG mainstats. You would rather use Venomous Touch and get your crit rate from buffers. It's only use case is for PvP, where it's a really good piece of gear.

Bond Potential

The Dimension Witch
Dark DMG30%
Nightmare Bunny

Nightmare Bunny is the ideal PvE bond since it gives her a lot of offensive stats.

The Dimension Witch is better for PvP since it gives her extra survivability (Eclipse has quite a bit of base HP). The extra MRES also helps her survive the mirror match.

Optimal Build [PvE]


Optimal Substat Spread (Assuming BBS Refinements) — 6 MATK% substats + 9 CDMG substats

Build either full DEF or full MRES depending on the enemies you're facing.

Optimal Build [PvP — with Helena]

15 CDMG substats

This build gets Eclipse to 50% crit rate, which gets buffed to 100% by Helena. Additionally, Eclipse will have 110% total MRES, which allows her to survive the mirror match when the enemy Eclipse shreds for 20%. Feel free to substitute some CDMG substats for MATK% substats for an easier time rerolling.

Optimal Build [PvP — without Helena]

15 CDMG substats

Without Helena on your team—using Eclipse on defense for example—you may want to build some extra crit rate on Eclipse for consistency. Of course, having two separate PvP builds can be tedious to manage, so it's fine to just use the prior build for defense as well. Just like the previous build, feel free to settle with MATK% subs for easier rerolling.