Alice Glacia

Costume Guide – Alice Glacia

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StoryEvil CastleMirror Wars (PVP)Fiend


  1. Glacia has a massive 20% base magic resist: the highest in the game.
  2. On top of that, her unique weapon gives her a further 16.2% magic resist.
  3. Base HP is very high and comparable to Lecliss and Seir (before applying unique gear).
  4. Water typing means that she is resistant to many of the most popular attackers in PVP: E.g. Lathel, Liatris, Anastasia, Rubia, Alec.
  5. 3 SP taunt is the cheapest taunt in the game.
  6. The only unit in the game that can revive.
  7. Is useful even at +0.

(Yes, that's a lot of pros)


  1. Only one costume so far: Can't cycle defensive abilities like Lecliss or Seir.
  2. No offensive abilities.
  3. Vulnerable to Schera/Eleaneer removing her revive buff.

Tanking analysis

Alice represents the standard for what a tank should be. The magic of Glacia lies in her stats - you read that right, Glacia has 20% base magic resist plus 16.2% magic resist from her unique gear. Alice Glacia can easily reach the 90% magic resist cap even with non-optimized gear, leaving plenty of room to develop HP and DEF stats.

Compared with the popular 5-star tanks:

NameBase HPBase DEFBase M.RESUR unique gear
bonus stat
Glacia7458 02016.2% M.RES
Seir72830054% HP
Lecliss752810054% HP

The unique feature about Glacia is that she can build for both high DEF and M.RES, whereas Seir and Lecliss generally have to build for HP and pick only one of DEF and M.RES. This makes Glacia a very versatile unit in PVP and PVE, as having both high DEF and M.RES means no weaknesses against either type (other than fixed damage Justia and Alec).

Glacia's tanking power from her revive skill (100% HP revival at +5) is comparable to Android Lecliss's energy guard skill (125% energy guard at +5). Reviving to 100% is kind of like doubling Glacia's effective HP, though reviving has the advantage of absorbing overkill damage on the fatal blow: e.g. a very strong single hit might completely kill Lecliss with Energy Guard, whereas Glacia would take the full hit but then revive with 100% HP. This is especially useful against PVE bosses with "guaranteed fatal" attacks.

Glacia's revive is generally not as good as Lecliss and Seir's 70%-75% damage reduction skills, because 75% damage reduction is like quadrupling effective HP (except against fixed damage units like Justia or Alec).

Glacia's taunt is one of the best. Glacia currently has the lowest cost Taunt skill at 3 SP. In comparison, Lecliss's Taunt costs 5 SP and Andrew's Taunt costs 4 SP.

Glacia also only has 1 costume skill with a long cooldown, whereas both Seir and Lecliss each have 2 costume skills. For long boss battles in PVE (8 turns or more), Lecliss and Seir have the better staying power because they can cycle through their defensive skills. In high rank PVP, staying power does not matter so much as games move much more quickly.


Glacia is one of the strongest defenders in the game right now and is very useful both in PVP and PVE. Her only drawback is the fact that she has no offensive abilities.

In PVP, Glacia is a top tier tank in the current meta, because popular magic units like Schera and Angelica hardly do any damage to her, and common fire-type attackers (e.g. Lathel, Latris) do reduced damage due to her Water element typing.