Costume Guide – B-Rank Idol Eleaneer

Official Patch Notes



  • Eleaneer is top tier in PVP and in PVE (against light enemies)
  • Great range, high physical damage
  • One of the few attackers that can silence
  • Great for fiend bosses (e.g. Gridlin Light)


  • Requires a lot of investment across both her costumes
  • Really needs her potential upgrades to be playable in PVP

Eleaneer for PVE

B-Rank Eleaneer is great for PVE. Eleaneer has a solid 352 base attack, and at +5 full potential, her skill does 3x205% damage in a plus-shape AOE, which is above average. Compared to some other AOE physical attackers at +5 full potential:

  • Steel Engine Rafina deals 690%, but has a much lower base ATK (220)
  • Lovely Lady Elise deals 3x185%, but also has a much lower base ATK (275)
  • Maid Liatris deals 700% at the same base attack, but her damage is conditional (must first apply burn)

On top of her great damage and AOE, B.Eleaneer can silence. Although most bosses are silence immune, silence can really come in handy against tough mobs that you can't defeat in one turn. Silencing mobs will often render them nearly useless for a turn, giving you time to breathe until your next attack.

Eleaneer is your best option for a dark physical attacker. The only other two options are Stray Cat Rou and Marauder Kry. Stray Cat Rou deals 1x530% skill damage, but it is a limited costume, and doesn't deal as much damage as B.Eleaneer. Marauder Kry is useful in earlier PVE stages, but drops off in the late game due to his stat limitations and skill damage limitations as a 4-star unit.

Having said this, if you have the option to use either physical or magical, then Eleaneer faces serious competition from NB.Eclipse. NB.Eclipse is generally regarded as the best dark-type attacker, as she has better range and generally better utility (thanks to her SP battery skill) compared to B.Eleaneer. Therefore if you already have NB.Eclipse, you may find that you don't need to use B.Eleaneer very often.

Eleaneer for PVP

Piercing Magic Bow Eleaneer is one the best costumes for PVP, because it is the cheapest non-limited buff remover (at 2 SP) and is also a direct counter to light-type Granhildr.

This means that B.Eleaneer is also very strong when used in conjunction with PMB.Eleaneer. The typical setup in an attack team is to use PMB.Eleaneer on your first turn (to clear CI.Granhildr taunt), then B.Eleaneer on your second turn.

B.Eleaneer is very effective in PVP because she costs a reasonable 3 SP, deals full damage against all elements (dark type) and shreds 20% DEF. The DEF shred is not so impactful in PVE, but in PVP it makes her much more reliable at dealing lethal damage (similar to NB.Eclipse). Silence can also win games by locking down your opponent's skills for a turn.

The biggest drawback to B.Eleaneer in PVP is that you need to invest a lot in in both PMB.Eleaneer and B.Eleaneer to use her effectively. PMB.Eleaneer needs at least +3 to get her cost down to 2 SP. B.Eleaneer also needs at least +3 and potential upgrades to her cost down to 3 SP. Without both costumes at high level and reduced SP cost, it's hard to justify Eleaneer over other buff removers like Schera and Yuri.

Note also that Eleaneer is a typical glass cannon: high offense, but next to no defense. She dies easily to enemy attacks and needs to be kept out of harm's way.


Eleaneer has a really solid kit, but requires big investment across 2 strong costumes. If you're already invested heavily in Eleaneer, now's your chance to get her to +5. Otherwise, collab and summer are just around the corner...