Costume Guide – Blood Glutton Justia (rework)

Official Patch notes


  • High fixed damage against dark types in a 5-tile AOE.
  • Low SP cost of 2 SP.
  • Long lasting property damage buff, which greatly enhances the power of Justia's other costumes against Dark types.
  • In PVP, at +5 she has good potential to deal lethal damage, even against non-dark units.
  • Perfect AOE when paired with Zenith for the upcoming dark fiend boss, Gridlin.


  • A lot of investment required to unlock its full power: huge damage difference between +0 and +5.
  • Very poor damage potential against non-dark types.
  • Not the best PVE attacker even against dark types.
  • Very long cooldown of 7 turns.

Deep dive on damage

Let's take a look at how the new Blood Glutton Justia performs in terms of damage.

Damage scaling from +0 to +5

A moderately geared Justia can comfortably reach around 2000 ATK (though there is obviously higher damage potential with maxed gears). Base property damage against dark types is 50%, and BG Justia's property damage buff is added on top of her base property damage (not multiplied).

Base property damage (Light DMG) is 50%

Therefore, ignoring chains, a 2000 ATK BG.Justia at +0 deals 2000 x 150% x 250% = 7500 fixed damage against dark types.

On the other hand, 2000 ATK BG.Justia at +5 deals 2000 x 300% x 450% = 27000 fixed damage against dark types.

You can see that there is a huge damage difference between +0 and +5. You really need to invest a lot in BG.Justia to make her reach high fixed damage.

Damage boost to other costumes

How much does BG.Justia boost the damage of Justia's other costumes? The tables below set out a quick summary of the effect of the property damage buff for Justia's other costumes against dark types:

CostumeWithout BG.Justia buffBG.Justia +0 buffBG.Justia +5 buff
White Reaper Justia +516,65027,75049,950
Knight of Blood Justia +517,32528,87551,975
Kendo Club Justia +519,80033,00059,400
White ReaperKnight of BloodKendo Club

Justia for PVE

Since fixed damage cannot crit, fixed damage type units like Justia and Alec are inherently disadvantaged in most PVE modes. Except against bosses with very high resistance, BG Justia's damage potential is not all that impressive, even against dark enemies.

Compare Justia with Pool Party Angelica +5. Assuming Angelica has moderate gearing of only 400% crit dmg, with crit on all 3 hits against a strong enemy (20,000HP or more), Pool Party Angelica would deal 82,500 magic damage against non-dark units, and 123,750 magic damage against dark units.

Compare also with Comeback Idol Yuri +5. Assuming Yuri has only moderate gearing with 1500 ATK and 400% crit damage, Yuri would deal 52,500 physical damage against non-dark units and 78,750 physical damage against Dark units. However, if she is first boosted by Whitebolt Yuri, her ATK is doubled.

As you can see, when it comes to maximizing PVE damage, even against dark bosses, Justia is not the best choice except in her specific niche where the boss has high damage resistance or DEF/M.RES that cannot be removed. Even in that niche, though, CI.Ventana + RH.Zenith has much higher single target damage potential.

However if you are already using Justia as one of your main attackers in PVE, then Blood Glutton is very much worth having to amplify the power of your other Justia costumes.

Justia for PVP

Justia is already a very effective character for PVP thanks to her fixed damage skills. Blood Glutton gives Justia another good fixed damage option, which has good lethal potential especially when paired with H.Lathel.

A BG.Justia +5 with 2000 ATK does 6000 fixed damage against non-dark enemies. When boosted by H.Lathel +5 though, she deals 13,800 fixed damage against non-dark enemies. This is enough to kill most non-tank enemies. What's more, the damage has a great plus shape range, hitting adjacent units both vertically and horizontally.

Being able to use the H.Lathel+BG.Justia combo for only 3 SP is pretty good value. Compared to the H.Lathel+WR.Justia combo, you trade off higher damage (for clearing tanks) for better AOE.

Note however that BG.Justia at lower costume levels is significantly worse, and is much less reliable for dealing lethal damage.


The devs say they reworked BG.Justia because the old version was not seeing enough play. The new Blood Glutton is certainly an upgrade, trading her old defensive buffs (which were not very useful) for new offensive buffs and lower SP cost. Unfortunately, it seems that these changes are unlikely to cause Blood Glutton to see much more play than before.

Blood Glutton is now a decent choice in PVP if you have high costume levels, but it takes a lot of investment for her to become useful. In PVE, Blood Glutton now makes Justia a better choice, but without the ability to crit, it is unlikely that Justia will ever be the best choice for PVE bosses except in some pretty niche circumstances.

Verdict: not a high priority pull, save for AOTU.Diana or the next batch release.