Costume Guide – Code Name O Elise


Official Patch Notes



  • SP generation "machine gun" with no cooldown (after potential upgrade)
  • Low SP cost (2 SP)
  • In PVP, skip targeting is useful for hitting units hiding in the back


  • SP generation is modest compared to costumes like FS.Olstein and NB.Eclipse (which can fully recharge the SP bar)
  • No PVE content yet where sustained skill damage or sustained SP regeneration is needed.
  • Small AOE is not good for most PVE battles, especially when there are so many other Fire attacker options.
  • PVP performance is good, but not good enough to compete with S-tier PVP costumes.

Elise for PVE

Elise is a useful character for PVE, but she is mainly played for her Lovely Lady costume. Lovely Lady reduces DEF and M.RES in a skip-targeting plus shape AOE, which is often very helpful in PVE against high DEF/high M.RES mobs.

Code Name O, on the other hand, has no useful niche at the moment. Her skill only hits 2 tiles, so she is not good for clearing mobs like Liatris or Loen. Her skill damage is also pretty mediocre: at +5, her damage multiplier is less than +0 EA.Eris. Note also that Elise's base ATK stat is lower than average: Elise's base ATK is only 275, which is much lower than Liatris (352) or Eris (374).

CNO.Elise's main unique feature is the fact that she has no cooldown and charges SP.

At +3 and above (no potential), she charges 1 SP each time her skill is used. This isn't very impressive, because it's the same SP charge you would get from just doing a normal attack. Once potential is unlocked, she charges 2 SP each time her skill is used. This is better, but still nowhere near as good as FS.Olstein or NB.Eclipse, who can both fully recharge your SP bar with a single attack.

No cooldown is nice, but it's not all that special when there are plenty of other fire characters who have enough costumes to cycle between their skills with no downtime.

If there were an "endurance" game mode where you had limited SP and needed to repeatedly deal high damage over a very long battle, then CNO.Elise would be great. Sadly for CNO.Elise, such a game mode does not presently exist. This means that CNO.Elise's utility in PVE is pretty low right now, other than to act as a filler while LL.Elise is on cooldown.

Elise for PVP

CNO.Elise is better than average for PVP, but far from matching the top tier units.

Since she only costs 2 SP, she's a good opener. Her skip targeting also is good at reaching enemies hiding in the back row.

However, especially because of Elise's low base attack, CNO.Elise's damage is often not enough to take out high-DEF enemies. In terms of both damage and utility, she falls short when compared against other strong 2 SP offensive skills, such as DW.Eclipse (SP drain), PMB.Eleaneer (buff removal) and BG.Justia (pure damage). Each of these other costumes have useful bonus effects in addition to high damage.

Additionally, fire types currently have a meta disadvantage due to the popularity of Glacia (water type). Even at +5 full potential, CNO.Elise deals hardly any damage against Glacia.

Therefore, even though CNO.Elise is a solid unit for PVP (and does very well in lower rank PVP), there are better choices out there.


Although CNO.Elise is an ok costume, there's not a lot of incentive to pull when the anniversary event is just around the corner.