Costume Guide – Magic School Professor Scheherazade

Official Patch Notes

Max potential +5


  • Big 3x3 AOE
  • 5 hits, good for stacking chains
  • Removes buffs in a wide range
  • Reduces M.RES by 15% with potential upgrade


  • High SP cost (reduces by 1 with potential)
  • Relatively low damage
  • M.RES reduction is small and only lasts a single player turn

Schera for PVE

Units with 3x3 AOE are always useful to have in PVE, because they can clear large mobs quickly. MSP.Schera is also the only magic water costume to date that has a 3x3 AOE. This makes her very useful for quickly clearing story mode, Evil Castle, fiend bosses and challenge battles where fire enemies are involved.

Unfortunately, MSP.Schera's damage is pretty low. Even at full potential +5, MP.Schera's damage multiplier is 390% (after taking into account chain damage). Compare this to Rodev's Star Liatris, who at full potential +5 deals 270% (including chain damage) on impact and then a further 205% (plus at least 5 chain stacks) at the end of the turn. Compare also with NB.Eclipse, who at full potential +5 deals 726% (including chain damage) and reduces M.RES by 20%.

MSP.Schera is therefore useful for a quick wave clear, but not great for end game content.

The M.RES reduction is also relatively low impact for use in PVE, and only lasts for one player turn.

Schera for PVP

Schera is an S-tier PVP unit, but of all her costumes, MP.Schera is sadly the weakest overall for PVP.

Without potential, she costs at least 5 SP and has really low magic damage.

With full potential and at least +3 costume level, MSP.Schera becomes playable, but is still not all that impressive. MSP.Schera still can't be used as your primary Schera costume (too expensive), but the reduced 4 SP cost is at least tolerable for use as a second or third costume. Her damage is still low, but the 15% M.RES reduction and wide AOE somewhat makes up for it.

The main problem with running MSP.Schera is that Schera has access to so many other good options. PP.Schera is cheap, and CNS.Schera and LW.Schera both have high damage with decent range and SP cost. MSP.Schera struggles to deal meaningful damage until she reaches at least +3 with potential upgrades, and even then, it is only investment-heavy "sidegrade" to Schera's other costumes.


MSP.Schera is nice to have for convenient clears in PVE, but overall not worth her investment cost. Save for the upcoming collab event!