GM Lisianne’s Letter!

Nice to meet you! I'm GM Lisianne.

First, I would like to thank all the users who are enjoying BrownDust 2.

I also want to apologize for not meeting your expectations regarding recent improvements.

Since the July 6th update, many of you have shared various opinions.

We are attentively listening to users' concerns about BrownDust 2.

Today, I, GM Lisianne, would like to discuss our plans and thoughts in response to your questions and concerns that arose before and after the recent update.

Now, let me guide you through the improvements we are currently working on!

**Resetting all contents at 8 PM (UTC)**

We've received a lot of feedback regarding fatigue caused by repeated contents, and the development team is prioritizing such improvements. To alleviate any inconvenience for our users, we have adjusted the cooldown time and increased rewards with our July 6th update. We are currently working on a system to reset all contents at a specific time such as 8 PM (UTC) etc, starting July 20th! We apologize for the wait and we will continue to quickly address your concerns and improve the game experience in the future!

**Improvement regarding fatigue of pack game play**

We acknowledge the inconvenience of having to visit each map while playing the game, due to the time adjustment for regeneration. To solve this problem, we plan to reduce the number of NPCs available to steal from. However, we will increase individual rewards and maintain the amount of currency you can obtain, reducing the fatigue. Additionally, we plan to adjust the stealing to have a 100% success rate without failure. And as for the long term, we are considering adding a system that provides consistent rewards even when you’re not online, such as the dispatch talent skill!

**Regarding when errors will be fixed**

In the case of errors, there are errors that require a build update and those that do not. For build updates, we must first undergo verification through each store, and especially with the App Store, verifications can take over 3 days…We try to fix errors as quickly as we can, but when we need build updates, it can take more time due to such reasons. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we will keep trying our best to fix the errors as fast as we can!

**Inquiries regarding probability of draws**

We have received numerous inquiries about the probability of draws, and after thoroughly reviewing cases where the same costume has been drawn multiple times in a row, we have confirmed that there were no issues with the draw probability. In addition to addressing these issues, we will thoroughly investigate all concerns raised by the users and do our best to become a trustworthy and reliable game!


There were many more opinions you’ve sent us other than the ones mentioned today, and I am sorry for not being able to answer them one by one. We will continue to hear and address your concerns and suggestions through the community, Customer Service Centers, and more, improving BrownDust 2 into an even more enjoyable and user-friendly game!

Thank you!


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