Second week of July Temporary Maintenance Notice

There will be a temporary maintenance to solve issues.

Please note that the maintenance schedule may change depending on whether or not the app passes the app store inspection.
We will inform you through a separate notice as soon as the maintenance schedule is confirmed.

Please refer to the information below for details.

[Second week of July Temporary Maintenance]

■ Schedule: Maintenance time will be announced through a separate notice
■ Effect: Game access unavailable
■ Details:
1. Mirror War matching error fixation and season reset
Currently, the Mirror War matching pool is not properly updated, so random matching is occurring.
Due to this, there is an issue where the Mirror War ranking is applied abnormally.
The following measures will be taken to correct matching errors and normalize rankings.

A. Fixation on the issue where the mirror war matching pool was not updated properly and matched randomly (7/7 (Fri) 11:00 AM (UTC) patch without maintenance)
B. Mirror war season initialization progress (Scheduled on temporary maintenance)
This Experience Season is held from after the maintenance until before routine maintenance.
C. Compensation for mirror war matching errors and season initialization.
■ Rewards For: All users
■ Rewards: 200 Diamonds, 80 Blood Cocktails
■ Schedule: receivable for 7 days after temporary maintenance
* Temporary maintenance rewards will be distributed separately.

2. Fixed an issue where the win/loss score of the Diamond 1 section was processed abnormally in the Mirror War.
3. An issue in which the app force closes when the “Run Away” button is clicked before the battle UI fully appears.
- Fixed the issue where of app force close.
4. An issue in which the app force closes during auto-moving mode.
5. An issue in which only the first hit damage is applied in multiple hits for skills of some characters.
![EN연타 이미지.png](

6. An issue in which the monsters of the quest cannot be encountered after using “Run Away”.
7. An issue in which “Run Away” cannot be proceeded during the re-encounter after running away from the quest battle.
- You can temporarily proceed by re-entering the pack or changing the map and trying again.
8. An issue in which Lathel’s HP is consumed by the number of consecutive hits.
![EN라텔 생명력.png](

9. Fixed an issue where Kry’s [Armor Attack] skill pushed all enemies in an X shape like a knockback skill.
10. Fixed an issue where only 'Meat' appears without other rewards as a hunting ground reward
11. Fixed an issue where excessive gold was paid as a battle reward in Character Pack 3
12. Changed the promotion banner text for Mirror War and Evil Castle from [Season 1] to [Experience Season]
13. Eclipse – Fixed an issue in which the of The Dimension Witch skill restored HP every consecutive hit. (Changed to 1 time)
![EN이클립스 스킬.png](

※ Effects may vary depending on the level of costume upgrade.

We will do our best to fix the identified issues quickly.

Thank you.


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