July 6th Emergency Maintenance Completion Notice

The Emergency Maintenance has been completed.
The prices of some food ingredients were set incorrectly, causing inconvenience.

It has been confirmed that a total of 500 accounts have acquired up to 200,000 gold through buying and selling character pack 4’s food ingredients up to 100 times per account.

This part was caused by our mistake.
Rather than retrieving the gold of the account, we will be distributing the same level of full compensation to people who have experienced inconvenience except for the accounts that took 200,000 gold through this error.

Please refer to the details below for the work carried out during the emergency maintenance.

[Work details during emergency maintenance on July 6 (Thu)]
■ Adjusting the selling price of products in the shop (Gold)
Honey [Material]: 150 -> 50
Roasted Honey Apple [Food]: 275 -> 215
Saffron [Material] : 60 -> 35
Capsaicin [Material: 110 -> 78
Mayonnaise [Material]: 1,875 -> 75
※ The price of the product is a standard price and may vary slightly depending on the reputation and special product grade.

[July 6th (Thu) emergency maintenance compensation information]

■ Schedule: After the emergency maintenance on July 6, 2023- July 12 8:00 pm (UTC) (Given once when accessing the game)
■ Compensation details
1 Draw Ticket
200,000 gold

※ Accounts that repeatedly sold products are excluded from receiving gold rewards.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the emergency maintenance.
We will do our best to provide a more stable service.

Thank you.


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