March 14th (UTC) Known Issue Notice

Hello, This is BrownDust 2.
We will inform you of the known issues of March 14th (UTC).
Please refer to the details below.
[Known issue]
1. An issue where the probability record when picking up a Medical Club Teresse costume is not reflected.
- We are preparing for modification through resource update.
- The pickup made after the resource update is normally reflected in the probability record.
2. An issue where Ingame Banner > World Buff is incorrectly exposed as 'fire' instead of 'water'.
- We are preparing for modification through resource update.
3. An issue where the app force closes when the Mirror War guidebook is opened through PACK COLLECTION.
- You can use the guidebook normally at the start of the new season on March 18 (UTC).
4. A phenomenon in which the app is forced to shut down when setting up the field character progression in certain situations
- Set field character formation only with a temporary companion >Move to companion tab and include Lathel in battle formation > Problem occurs when entering another story pack
- If the app is forced to shut down in the above situation, access will not be possible even after the game restarts, so please use it carefully in setting up the field character.
5. Temporary maintenance on the application of the Mirror War season schedule (March 18, 08:50 to 09:50 (KST))
- A temporary maintenance will be conducted before the start of the season to apply the changed system and schedule of the Mirror War.
■ Maintenance schedule: March 18, 2024 (Mon) 8:50 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. (1 hour in total) (KST)
■ Effect: Game access unavailable
■ Maintenance compensation: 200 Dias
※ Please note that the details of the temporary maintenance will be notified through a separate notice.
We will try to provide a more stable service environment.
Thank you.

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