Notice of changes to Comeback Idol Yuri Costume Skill Information

Hello, this is Brown Dust 2.

We would like to inform you that the skill information for the 'Comeback Idol Yuri' costume, which will be added in an update on January 17th (UTC), will be changed.

The comeback idol Yuri costume has new usability with the new feature 'Target avoidance', and is designed as a single-hit dealer who cannot build chains, giving it a higher coefficient compared to other costumes.

However, the development team continued to conduct balance testing even after the patch notes are announced.
After comprehensively considering the concept and performance of the Comeback Idol Yuri costume, we have concluded that some adjustments are necessary as a result of the final balance review, so we will proceed with revisions to the previously announced contents.

We apologize for any confusion regarding the main details of the new costume provided through the patch notes.

In Brown Dust 2, rapid performance inflation is avoided.
In particular, we are maintaining a balancing policy so that the value of existing characters does not decrease as new characters become compatible with existing characters.

We ask for your understanding as we adjust performance for better gameplay.

Please see below for details on the changes.

[Change in Comeback Idol Yuri costume skill information]
2024-01-17 22 41 23.png

Thank you.


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