Costume Guide – Comeback Idol Yuri

Costume Guide – Comeback Idol Yuri (post-nerf revision)

Costume LevelPre-nerfPost-nerf
+0450%, 4 SP375%, 4 SP
+1450%, 3 SP375%, 3 SP
+2550%, 3 SP455%, 3 SP
+3650%, 3 SP535%, 3 SP
+4750%, 3 SP615%, 3 SP
+5850%, 3 SP700%, 3 SP

Note: Yuri has been nerfed pre-release, this guide has been revised accordingly.

Official Patch notes


  • Unique Target Avoidance effect (can't be targeted by enemy, can be hit by AOE), opens up interesting strategies in PVP.
  • Unique range: One of only two costumes that hits the full row of the target (the other one being Nightmare Bunny Eclipse).
  • Very high damage. Great for PVE high scoring and Last Night. Decent damage even at +0.
  • Makes your existing Yuri costume much better, as Comeback Idol can benefit from Whitebolt's bonus.
  • C.DMG buff synergizes well with unique gear (which gives 90% C.DMG as the bonus stat).
  • Benefits from current Season of Light.


  • Single hit skill does not stack chains, and is vulnerable to evasion.
  • Horizontal AOE can be hard to make use of in some PVE battles (as you can hit only a maximum of 3 units).
  • Needs at least 1 copy of Whitebolt for maximum power.

Yuri for PvE

At the moment, Comeback Yuri has the highest damage potential in the game, and represents a huge step up in terms of powercreep.

First of all, 850% is an extremely high damage multiplier, especially for an AOE skill. Secondly, she comes with a 100% C.DMG buff, for added impact on top of her huge damage multiplier. Thirdly, she can stack Whitebolt's 100% ATK buff for even more damage. Since both Whitebolt and Comeback buffs last for 4 turns (2 player turns), she is flexible as to whether she plays Whitebolt into Comeback, or Comeback into Whitebolt.

By comparison, Unknown Sage Nartas (396 M.ATK), whose niche is killing magic units, reaches 850% against magic units only. Ventana (385 ATK), whose niche is killing taunting enemies, reaches 700% against taunting enemies only. Yuri (363 ATK) has slightly less base damage, but with +100% C.DMG and a 700% multiplier, she hits harder than both Nartas and Ventana, even against their favored types of opponent.

I'll also compare Yuri with Promise of Vengeance Lathel, who has the highest single damage multiplier at 1000%, and tops that off with a 50% ATK boost. Although Lathel's damage multiplier is much higher, Lathel has much lower base attack than Yuri (275, compared to Yuri's 363).

Just looking at the multipliers on base stats alone (noting of course that fixed stat gears will change this comparison), Lathel's 275x1000% = 2,750, whereas Yuri's 363x700% = 2,541. However, overall Lathel's 50% ATK boost cannot compete with Yuri's potential 100% C.DMG and/or 100% ATK. Of course, Lathel's skill is also only single target, whereas Yuri hits an entire row.

This makes Yuri amazing for a number of PVE game modes, including:

  • Last Night (even though she cannot make use of ATK and C.DMG buffs at the same time, Comeback Idol is still extremely strong)
  • Evil Castle Tower of Pride (big single hits are favorable for high scores, and there are 3 floors that require light units)
  • Fiend bosses (which will usually give you the time to set up the Whitebolt/Comeback Idol combo twice).

Yuri for PvP

Yuri's Target Avoidance skill (i.e. stealth mode) is not very useful in PVE, but opens up interesting possibilities for PVP.

If she is used Turn 1 in an attacking team, and far placed away from other units, you can almost guarantee that she will survive to your second turn. Yuri is a very hard hitting Turn 1 play (especially in Season of Light), and has a strong follow up on your Turn 2 with Whitebolt, which removes buffs.

In a defending team, Yuri can singlehandedly win games: if she survives Turn 1, a well-placed Yuri is near guaranteed to get in two good AOE attacks.

Yuri also has some advantages in the current Eclipse dominated meta. Firstly, 90% DEF builds are relatively rare at the moment, as most players are favoring M.RES builds to counter Eclipse-based magic teams. Secondly, a lot of players are staggering their back rows (to avoid Eclipse's horizontal skip-targeting AOE), but are keeping their frontlines in the very front row. This creates more opportunities for Yuri to catch 2 or more enemies with her wide horizontal AOE.


With Comeback Idol, Yuri takes the crown as the hardest hitting physical attacker in the game to date. With her top tier damage, Yuri will be useful in a lot of game modes, especially when paired with Whitebolt.