October 26th Known Issue Notice (Edited)

Hello. This is BrownDust2.

We are here to inform you about the issue found on October 26th (UTC).

Please refer to the information below.

[Known Issue]
- An issue where Diana’s skill Crit Rate ratio is displayed as 8% for all upgrades.
* This is a display issue. The skill is properly activated in the battle with correct ratio

- An issue where rewards cannot be received under certain circumstances when clearing the Evil Castle, Tower of Desire.

- An issue where characters that still have their HP are displayed as fatigued after a battle at the Evil Castle, Tower of Pride.

- An issue where when some battles are in progress, a message is displayed saying that it has been confirmed as an abnormal battle.

- An issue where the replay of Mirror War is displayed differently from the actual battle results.

- An issue where the collection is not activated even if you acquire the Story Pack 10 quest item. (Added on Oct. 26th 4:45 am (UTC))

- An issue where you cannot move when trying to move to another area after entering the hunting ground during the quest in Story Pack 10.
* You can move to another area through the Magic Circle. (Added on Oct. 26th 10:30 am (UTC))

- An issue where when performing the Today Quest in Story Pack 10, the quest is only cleared in the hunting grounds on Normal difficulty. (Added on Oct. 26th 10:30 am (UTC))

We apologize for the inconvenience.
We will do our best to fix the issue quickly.

Thank you.


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