Robin Hood Zenith

Costume Guide – Robin Hood Zenith

Official Patch Notes



  • The only costume in the game with damage amplification.
  • The only offensive skill in the game with no skill cooldown.
  • Skill only costs 1 SP.
  • Turns any unit into a "skip" targeting unit with Concentrated Fire.
  • Rignette with better assets.


  • Offensive stats are a huge letdown… what's the deal with giving tank stats to a sniper?
  • Low damage multiplier, even after taking into account the damage amplification and chain stacking.
  • No AOE.

Deep dive on damage and stats

When I say let down on offensive stats, I mean a huge letdown. What we were hoping for was a hard hitting sniper, as the 5-star upgraded version from 3-star Rigenette. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Zenith has 321 base attack, which is very low. To make things worse and add insult to injury, the exclusive ability Zenith's unique gear gives a HP% stat instead of damage:

To illustrate how low Zenith's attack is, let's compare to other units in the game:

UnitBase ATK at max level
Alec (highest ATK)679 (+45% ATK exclusive gear stat)
Gray536 (+90% crit rate exclusive gear stat)
Kry (4-star)409 (+11.99 crit rate exclusive gear stat)
Gynt (3-star)321 (+27% ATK exclusive gear stat)
Zenith321 (+54% HP exclusive gear stat)
Rigenette284 (+40 ATK exclusive gear stat)

Yes I'm serious. Zenith has less ATK than 3-star Gynt.

In fact, Zenith also has less ATK than Rigenette equipped with her unique UR gear (40+284 = 324). Rigenette also has the offensive advantage of a base 20% crit rate

This means that Zenith's offensive abilities are abysmal for a 5-star unit. At all costume levels, she does 6x 25% damage = 150% damage on her skill. After taking into chain damage stacking, that equates to around 187.5% damage. This is worse than 3-star Rigenette (220% plus 1x chain). After taking into her damage amplification (50% at +5), her damage is only barely better than Rignette's.

So really, the only benefits to using Zenith over Rigenette are that Zenith has better survivability, and Zenith can give the damage amplification buff.

In terms of damage amplification, 50% damage amplification is good (and better after taking into account 6x chain stack), but not necessarily better than simply bringing along a supporter. Supporters have the advantage of reliably increasing damage against all enemies, which may result in a better damage increase than what Zenith offers.

In terms of survivability, Zenith is decently tanky with 6315 base HP and an exclusive gear that gives bonus +54% HP. She cannot be a "true tank" however, because she has no defensive skills and her HP is not quite as high as dedicated tanks (e.g. Lecliss has 7585 HP, Glacia has 7514 HP).

Zenith for PVE

Zenith's niche is damage amplification. If you need the maximum damage against a single target, Zenith will be the best (e.g. the upcoming water fiend boss). Everywhere else, you can live without her and bring either Rignenette (for concentrated fire) or a supporter (for damage boost) instead.

Zenith for PVP

Unless you need a Rigenette with bigger cheeks HP, Zenith is not good in PVP.


Sadly, Zenith is all art and no bite. She's necessary for whales who want to achieve the highest possible damage, but otherwise it's hard to justify the investment in her when Rigenette is a decent (and free) substitute.