Nightmare Winter

Unit Preview – Nightmare Winter

Thinking about whether to save or spend on Nightmare Winter costumes? Check out the guide below for a sneak peek at the units to come.

All information below is taken from the Nightmare Winter story mode, which features the +5 versions of each of the new costumes. In depth reviews will be released as new units are released.

Nightmare Bunny Eclipse

Nightmare Bunny Eclipse is the first costume to feature from the Nightmare Winter pack. Nightmare Bunny a top tier attacker, and excels in both PVE and PVP. For more info about Nightmare Bunny Eclipse, check out the costume guide.

Stray Cat Rou

Stray Cat Rou will be given out for free during the event period. According to the dev's announcements, we will get enough copies to max her at +5, so remember to log in daily and complete all event missions.

Stray Cat Rou is a great attacker, featuring a single powerful punch that deals 500% physical damage in a wide AOE. The 30% crit rate bonus is also great because it allows her to reliably build for full crit damage: e.g. Arines (+30% crit) + AOU Diana (+30% crit) + Stray Cat Rou (+30% crit) plus Rou's base 10% crit makes for a 100% crit rate. Her SP cost is expensive though at 5 SP, making her unfavorable for PVP.

Masquerade Bunny Celia

Masquerade Bunny Celia comes with a completely unique mechanic of stacking additional chains with each hit. This effectively gives an indirect boost to your team's damage: each chain stack is worth an extra 10% damage. From testing in story mode, the ability seems to affect Celia only.

Put simply, Masquerade Bunny Celia is a costume for players who want to high score in PVE game modes. Her own damage is nothing special to write home about, but her chain stacking ability means that players who already have the best attackers and best supporters can now push even further with fast chain stacking for record-breaking damage.

For the average player who doesn't care about getting into the top ranks, Masquerade Bunny is an improvement on Celia base costume in terms of damage and SP cost, and a great amplifier, but not a "must have".

Anti-dystopia Diana

Anti-dystopia Diana is the second Energy Guard supporter released to date, the only other one being Red Hat Rou. Since Diana's base M.ATK is dismally low, you'll need build her for M.ATK gears to make this skill worthwhile.

It's not yet clear whether the aura from Anti-dystopia Diana stacks with the aura from Adventurer of the Unknown Diana (base costume), or whether one replaces the other. If they don't stack, then Anti-dystopia Diana would suck a lot for PVE. If they do stack though, then this new costume would be a good addition to your Diana's existing kit, since it gives Diana something to do while her damage aura is up. Even if you already have Red Hat Rou, allowing Diana to fill the "Team Energy Guard" role lets you free up a valuable team slot that would otherwise be occupied by Rou.

Since it's a 1 SP cost skill, Anti-dystopia Diana might also make a splash in PVP: Even at just 800 M.ATK, as an attacking team, ending your first turn with an extra 8000 HP on all units is no joke!


In summary:

  • Nightmare Bunny Eclipse: Top tier pull, great in both PVP and PVE.
  • Stray Cat Rou: A pretty good costume, and best of all, free!
  • Masquerade Bunny Celia: Whale bait. It's a decent costume, but unless you want to be a top ranking player, you won't miss out on too much if you don't get her on her limited banner.
  • Anti-dystopia Diana: If you already have Diana, it's worth getting at least 1 copy to add a defensive skill to her kit (+0 will most likely be 500% of M.ATK). Also seems to have decent potential for PVP.

As always, good luck on your pulls!