Fiend Hunt Guide - E.O.N.

Fiend Hunt Guide – E.O.N.

The first fiend of the new year is a light type robot, End of Nightmare, or E.O.N. for short. It deals magic damage, and shreds your magic resist by a LOT. It also applies a unique debuff onto itself— it allows you to stack more chains onto him. This fiend will be available to hunt on January 10th (UTC). so prepare your teams for a hunt to remember!

Key Points

  • Zero resistances, zero advantage damage. No need to worry about your dark units taking extra damage!
  • 10 Initial SP, 1 SP gain per turn. Definitely bring a battery (Bunny Eclipse).
  • Key turns are on turns 3 and 9, where E.O.N. takes 3 more chains per hit. It takes 2 more chains per hit on turn 5, and 1 more chain per hit on turn 7. They recently increased the chains cap from 20 to 100, so maximizing chains is the way this fiend hunt!
  • In order to most effectively deal damage to E.O.N., your units will have to tank its damage. Investing in defensive gear and utility is thus very important.

Damage Thresholds

For the uninitiated, we will have 7 days to hunt the fiend. Each day we can fight the fiend any number of times. If we can beat E.O.N. on a given day, we can immediately challenge the next level. If not, then at the end of the day, our best run is saved, and we fight the fiend with that much damage taken on the next day. Thus, we can convert E.O.N.’s HP values to Damage Thresholds, which tells us how much damage we need to be able to deal in a single run to clear a certain level by day 7:

These thresholds are similar to that of the Parakyr Rex, so we can expect a similar difficulty curve DPS wise.

Skill Rundown

Turn 2 — E-24 Total Destroy

E.O.N. attacks the entire party for a decent amount of damage, but applies a DoT effect that persists for the rest of the fight. You will definitely need some way to mitigate this damage, since the fiend will shred your magic resist on turn 4.

It then self-applies a +3 chain debuff; every hit on turn 3 inflicts 4 chains onto it. For example, you only need 5 hits (4 if you have Bunny Celia) to reach 20 chains. Turn 3 will be a nuke turn.

Turn 4 — N-01 Neutralizer

E.O.N. attacks the left and middle lanes 5 times, shredding hit units for 50%. One unit will always be taking this hit, so plan accordingly on turn 3. You definitely want to be building a lot of Magic Resist on the unit taking this hit (ideally 140).

It then self-applies a +2 chain debuff, or in other words, every hit dealt to E.O.N. on turn 5 applies 3 chains.

Turn 6 — D-11 Perfect Silence

E.O.N. attacks the right and middle lanes 5 times, silencing hit units for 2 turns. It then gives itself a +1 chain debuff. Since it silences and you only get 1 extra chain per hit, turn 7 can be considered an off turn. In other words, you can consider just taking this hit and preparing for turn 9 instead. 

Turn 8 — Dream Break Ver 1.2

E.O.N. attacks the middle lane for a massive amount of damage. This damage may seem scary at first, but remember that there are plenty of ways to mitigate this. If you have 90 MRES on your units, they’ll be taking significantly less damage. You can simply avoid this hit if you’re making turn 7 an off turn however.

It then applies a +3 Chain debuff, which means turn 9 will be another nuke turn.

Turn 10 — End of Nightmare

E.O.N. unleashes itself, wiping the entire party.

Surviving the End of Nightmare

Thankfully the fiend does not deal fixed damage, meaning there are plenty of ways to mitigate its damage:

  1. Magic Resist Gear. Getting to 90 MRES will make this fiend’s damage a complete joke.
  2. Damage Reduction and Heals. Helena’s two costumes can definitely help out here.
  3. Energy Guards. Red Riding Hood Rou and the new Diana can provide shielding for the entire team.
  4. MATK Debuffs. Descendant Celia will substantially decrease the amount of damage it deals.

Team Building — Slots

  1. Diana
  2. Chain Stacker
  3. SP Battery
  4. Secondary Buffer
  5. Dark DPS


Just like always, Diana is a must have in Fiend Hunt. Her elemental advantage buff is too good to pass up. If you have her Anti-Dystopia costume (even at +0), she can even help you survive the turn 8 damage if you lack the MRES required.

Chain Stacker


Celia is a must have this Fiend Hunt, since all her costumes hit all tiles of the boss. Her Descendant costume debuffs MATK, and her new Bunny costume (even at +0) significantly increases the chains she stacks onto the fiend.

Liatris is a way worse option, but gets the job done for chain stacking.

SP Battery


Eclipse’s new costume is also a must have this Fiend Hunt, giving you 15 SP in a single cast (even at +0). She also deals decent damage, doubling as a secondary DPS.

Lucrezia was apparently shadow nerfed (or bugged?) this patch, and can only generate up to 8 SP per cast. Definitely way worse than Eclipse.

Secondary Buffer


Lathel for physical teams, and Helena for magic teams. However, given how good Celia and Eclipse are for this Fiend Hunt, Helena will be worth a lot more for magic than Lathel will be for physical. Helena also has her base costume, which constitutes another form of SP generation, on top of her damage reduction effect.

Arines is a decent substitute for those without Lathel.

Dark DPS


Samay will likely be the best option if you’re already running magic for the other slots, given her really good pattern. Maria is probably just a worse alternative here, so she’s not really a consideration.

Rou’s new DPS costume is pretty dang good, and if you’re only running +0 on Celia and Eclipse, this may be a reason to run Lathel or Arines over Helena if Rou deals the most damage out of the team.

Eleaneer with two costumes should also be okay for physical teams. She’ll definitely want Lathel or Arines as well.

Kry is probably really cope here, given that his pattern requires you to run either Zenith or Rigenette. Definitely just play Rou over him.

Closing Remarks

I personally think this is easily the best Fiend Hunt for magic teams yet. On the other hand, physical teams are more accessible to newer players without many options, who will likely opt for an Arines + Rou team. Sorry for those who pulled Nartas, he’s not gonna be very good this Fiend Hunt.

Thanks for reading!