Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Global Release

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat! Unleash combos, conquer demons, and master a deep weapon system. Play as Dante, Lady, Vergil, and more!
Nero in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat Official Trailer

From Conception to Conquest: Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat's Path to Global Release

In 2017, Yunchang Game acquired Devil May Cry rights from Capcom, igniting the journey of Peak of Combat. Capcom, a guardian of quality, ensured classic elements like weapon-switching, combos, and character design stayed true. Peak of Combat boldly blends inspirations from Devil May Cry 3, 4, DmC, and even 5.

Development wasn't a quick dash. Closed betas gave players a voice, while awards hailed the game's potential. At Apple's 2021 event, "Peak of Combat" and "NebulaJoy" were proclaimed, electrifying fans. Global release confirmation in 2023 fueled anticipation, fueled by further betas. Finally, on January 10, 2024, Peak of Combat unleashed its fury, ready to conquer the world.

Combat Refined: Faithful to the Series

Lady, the human Demon Hunter in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Peak of Combat faithfully translates the series' core mechanics to mobile. Weapon switching, stylish combos, and fierce foes remain, demanding mastery and improvisation. However, the mobile adaptation streamlines functions for touch controls, ensuring accessibility without sacrificing depth. Players conquer expansive levels, decimating demons and racking up Stylish Rank points with diverse skills and weapons.

Fresh Twists on a Classic Formula

Dante's design in the game

Peak of Combat isn't just a port; it innovates. Signature weapon skins add a layer of personalization, while character-specific upgrades deepen progression. With iconic heroes like Dante, Lady, Vergil, and Nero (with V joining soon!), players can expect a varied and thrilling experience. Prepare for epic battles and a deep dive into the Devil May Cry universe, all from your mobile device.

Master the Arsenal

Vergil will also feature in the game

The weapon system is Peak of Combat's beating heart. Each character wields four primary and secondary weapons, each boasting unique stats and skills. Upgrade them through injections, forging, and refining to unleash devastating attacks and unlock new movesets. For added flair, personalize your arsenal with signature weapon skins for each iconic character.

Various Modes: Conquering Different Difficulty and More

The game offers two base difficulty modes for your demonic dance: Easy and Hard. New slayers start with Easy, while Hard ramps up enemy aggression, damage, and Red Orb rewards by 30% for seasoned hunters.

Memory Corridor, a replayable story mode, adds another layer of challenge with two stage difficulties: Son of Sparda and Dante Must Die. Enemy difficulty from the base game applies here, and Dante Must Die unlocks only after conquering the Son of Sparda stage.

But the ultimate test awaits in Vergil's Soul Realm, unlocked during the "Vergil Returns" event. This mode boasts three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each offers varied rewards – from Diamonds to Red Orbs – and conquering higher difficulties also nets you the rewards of lower ones.

Where to Download Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat?

Download the Game Today!

Don't wait for demons to invade your doorstep – take the fight to them! Download Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat now and experience the electrifying world of Devil May Cry on the go. Share your stylish combos, challenge your friends, and prove your mastery of the weapon system. The Devil May Cry universe awaits... will you answer the call?

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