Duet Night Abyss Key Art

Duet Night Abyss Official Announcement and Pre-Registrations Open

Duet Night Abyss has been announced by Hero Games, an upcoming role-playing game coming to PC and mobile devices. The first gameplay trailer has been released, and pre-registrations are also now being accepted. Released date is currently not known.

This game looks to be another high production game trying to chase the massive success of Genshin Impact. More such games are on the horizon, such as Arknights: Endfield, Project Mugen, and Wuthering Waves. The main selling point of Duet Night Abyss seems to be its characters that can use multiple weapons and its combat that looks a lot like (well, pretty much) Warframe.

Find the link to the official website below if you wish to pre-register, and check out the videos.

First Trailer - Until the Dawn

"Those who swim through the long night will eventually transform into the fire of the abyss."

Duet Night Abyss is a fantasy adventure RPG with a high degree of freedom developed by Hero Games' Pan Studio.

The game features "multiple weapon loadouts & 3D combat" at its core, and tells the story of "Demons" from dual perspectives.

We have created a world where magic and machinery coexist. Freely switch between melee and ranged weapons in exhilarating one-vs-all battles, and freely choose between multiple methods of movement to swiftly progress through any space.

As two protagonists from wildly different backgrounds, players will embark on a dual journey, encountering countless Demons and exploring the intertwined truths of fate.

We await your arrival, for together, we will turn the Helix of Fate!

Director Lunarian's Service Notes - Pig-Riding Girl's Battle with Hunger

The Lunarian Agency is open for business today!

The clients, Miss Truffle and her best buddies, the Filbert family, are coming this way!

It's quite a good start to get business on our first day.

This time, the commission is called "Pig-Riding Girl's Battle with Hunger"!

Together with Truffle and Filbert, let's chase away hunger!